Add a Bridal Swarovski Crystal Lariat Necklace for Sexy Flair for your Wedding Day Accessories

by Judith Cartier Oliver on February 22, 2013

Adding a Bridal Swarovski Crystal Lariat is a perfect way to add sexy flair for your wedding day!  You searched high and low for the perfect bridal gown and adding the finishing touches of your wedding accessories will complete your romantic look.  Crystal Lariat necklaces come in many different styles.   The picture of one of my brides below shows a beautiful tie back style of lariat which gives two sparkling long crystal back drops.


Courtesy of enLuce Photography

As you can see in the next picture the front of the lariat gives the illusion of a drop necklace in the front.  The surprise comes when you turn around and voila!  This is our sexy and spice we can add to our ensemble.  This necklace add so much fun to pictures and beautifulness to the dance! 


Whether you want crystals or pearls or both, adding a lariat necklace can allow you to express your own personal style.  Here is another example of a multi strand pearl and crystal necklace  with an added crystal and pearl lariat necklace extension added onto the back.  You can have your bridal jewelry custom made so everything will match and the lengths can be customized for the perfect length.

crystallariatphoto01 001

As you can see, the lariat extension looks beautiful through her veil. It is so important that we chose wedding day accessories that reflect who we are and make us feel sexy and beautiful. This way we can have that warm beautiful glow as we celebrate our special day.  The nice part about an extension is that you can easily wear your necklace long after your wedding day without the lariat.

crystallariat02 001

Finding your perfect Bridal Crystal Lariat can take some time but is well worth having custom made.  Not only will the jewelry be created with quality Swarovski crystals and Sterling Silver, it will become a keepsake and a piece that you will continue to enjoy wearing for special occasions in the years to come!

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