Affordable Bridal Jewelry – You really don’t need to break the bank to look beautiful!

by Judith Cartier Oliver on June 13, 2009

Choosing your Bridal Jewelry can be incredibly affordable experience today. There are so many options available and in the 21st century we can choose bridal jewelry that suits our personality and style and keep it affordable.  Long past are the days that we had to wear a string of pearls or diamond pendant although don’t take me wrong those choices are still great too. The main point is we now have other options!

You have searched high and low for just the right gown so it is the perfect added touch to add bridal jewelry that accents the design of your wedding gown and reflects your own personal style.  At Looney Maiden Bridal Jewelry you can easily find beautiful and affordable bridal jewelry sets starting at $48 and up. What is most exciting is these bridal necklace and earring sets are created with fine sterling silver and Swarovski crystals and pearls. You will have an heirloom wedding jewelry set that you can wear again!set-090607-04

To the left is one of our most popular and affordable bridal jewelry sets which adds classic elegance to your gown and beautifully accents any neckline.  You can choose the colors of Swarovski crystals and pearls to match your gown and this bridal jewelry set is available for under $100 dollars. This beautiful wedding jewelry set can easily be worn again after your wedding.

Bridal jewelry sets are offered on many web sites and usually you can receive some type of discount for ordering the two or more jewelry items together.  At Looney Maiden we offer some incredible bridal jewelry sets specials that reflect at least 10% off of our regular prices and to be honest our regular prices are below retail so that is even extra savings for our brides.  When searching for your perfect and affordable bridal jewelry,   I would mainly recommend that you choose jewelry that is created with sterling silver metals (not silver plated) so you will have the quality look to match your gorgeous wedding gown and jewelry that you will enjoy wearing in the years to come. Personally, if you are going to wear crystals then I strongly urge you to purchase jewelry with genuine Swarovski crystals.  Not only will you have that incredible sparkle that Swarovski is known for, but you will also have crystals that will last over time and not dull. The cost is usually a minimal amount more but the long lasting effect can be forever.  Take your time looking around as your options are truly endless for your perfect and affordable bridal jewelry!  For more ideas for affordable bridal jewelry, we invite you to visit our extensive bridal jewelry catalog here. May we inspire you with your search for the most perfect bridal jewelry!

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