Affordable Bridesmaid Jewelry Gifts–Personalized keepsakes for your best girlfriends

by Judith Cartier Oliver on January 13, 2012

Choosing bridesmaid jewelry as a keepsake gift for your bridal party is a lovely personalized gift to bestow upon them.  They are as excited as you are as you plan for your special wedding day. Your bridesmaids will want to look perfect for you to make your day special and this wedding jewelry gift can be quite affordable.


You most likely have chosen their bridesmaid dress by now , in the colors of your wedding theme.  Bridesmaids worry about what jewelry they should wear to make everything perfect.  By choosing a jewelry set for them to wear, you can alleviate the stress they feel over what to wear and also provide a thoughtful gift that they can cherish and wear for years to come.

Choosing a nice quality jewelry set is key. You want them to love their jewelry and have it last for years to come.  You can choose to match their dresses with the wide array of Swarovski crystals or pearl colors or you may choose more neutral colors. There are tons of color combinations that can be created by a custom wedding jewelry designer. You may also want to choose jewelry in the same colors but perhaps a different style for each bridesmaid, reflecting her personal style in the gift.


I have had more bridesmaids tell me over the years how happy they were that the bride gave them jewelry.  They were proud and happy to wear their jewelry gift and all felt very bonded to one another as they shared not only a gift but a special time with their best friend as they were witnesses to her marriage. 

So yes, surprise them with a beautiful bridesmaid jewelry set truly created just for them and all about them!   They are honored to be part of your wedding day and will truly be heart warmed by your thoughtful gift.

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