Barefoot Sandals to coordinate with your Bridal Jewelry for your Destination Beach Wedding

by Judith Cartier Oliver on October 1, 2009

I am asked often about where to find Barefoot Sandals that will coordinate with your Bridal Jewelry purchased for a destination beach wedding.  Admittedly, I am asked quite often if I can make the foot jewelry to match their wedding jewelry however this is not my forte’.  Of course,  never say never , but seriously it takes a good eye and technique to create these beautiful barefoot sandals.


Recently, Jan from Jewels by Jan shared some of her fun new photos of her beach wedding sandals with me.  In the picture above is her barefoot sandal called “Crème De Menthe”. I just love the sound of the name and  I really loved the idea of bringing in the colors of the sea with the mother of pearl. 

Creating Bridal Jewelry on the other hand is my forte"’ so I love the fact that Jan uses Swarovski Crystals and Pearls too. This means she can completely coordinate her barefoot beach sandals with our Looney Maiden Bridal Jewelry with the barefoot sandals. This not only makes me a happy camper but my destination brides are going to be so excited!


I just love this picture I recently received from one of my beach brides. I created her beautiful Swarovski Crystal Bridal Chandelier Earrings and Crystal Bracelet for her “sparkle of the day”.  Yes, do not be afraid to wear sparkles at the beach as they look amazing with the beautiful blue ocean and blue skies behind you.   Knowing myself, I can easily see myself wearing Swarovski Crystal sandals too!


This bridal jewelry set is a great example of a beach wedding jewelry set. It has been very popular adding just enough pearls and crystals but keeping the lines of elegant simplicity to create a beach wedding look.  Adding in coordinating bridal hair pins  and wedding hair accessories to keep that relaxed but elegant look creates beautiful wedding day photographs.


Now getting back to the barefoot sandals, here is another idea and picture from Jewels by Jan to inspire you in thinking about wearing your barefoot sandals with sandals!  This is not meant to be a tongue twister, rather I was inspired to see the combination below. Jan states that she really loves creating these designs and can create custom designs too!


I am asked often of how to create a beach effect with your regular sandals. Here it is girls!  Now can’t you imagine all clear Swarovski Crystals with a lovely white or ivory sandal? Or even for your bridesmaids or mother of the bride and groom!

There are many barefoot beach sandal websites online that you can view and that offer different designs so certainly finding just the right design that suits our style is paramount.

My biggest recommendation? Choose your bridal jewelry first! Once you have chosen your wedding day jewelry, then you will find it much easier to coordinate your barefoot beach sandals with your bridal jewelry for just the perfect beach destination wedding.

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