Best Wedding Cakes in Seattle

by Judith Cartier Oliver on July 2, 2013

Looking for a special wedding cake in Seattle?  Well here are my top places I might recommend to purchase your wedding cake in the Seattle and surrounding area.  There a hundreds of bakeries to choose from and so many high quality bakeries , so I narrowed the list down to a few that I know have wonderful and unique cakes and cater to being more personal for customers. 

First off,  I would have to start with TM Dessert Works is a local company located in the Phinney Ridge area of Seattle and they first opened their business in 1990 and are still going strong.  I recently stopped in their bakery shop and had to purchase an Espresso cheesecake and Coconut crème tart for home.   Oh goodness, I was in heaven.  While I was there I was able to view some of the amazing special order cakes.  Beautiful presentations and they use high quality ingredients in their cakes.  They recommend eating small slices as the cakes are so rich and yummy.  Their bakery is open Tuesday through Friday from 8:30 am – 4 pm and Saturday from 8:30 am – 2 pm.

Wedding Cake 1 Wedding Cake 3

From traditional to unique wedding and special occasion cakes, each cakes is wrapped with white or dark chocolate and decorated with chocolate petals and finished with fresh flowers.  TM Dessert Works will provide a consultation so you can choose just the right cake for your wedding.

wedding cake 6wedding cake 7

Another one of my favorites over all of the years is Mikes Amazing Cakes  located in Redmond Washington.  As a vendor at the Seattle Wedding Show, I have always been in awe every year as I see his cakes in person.  Each cake is created to be a piece of artwork, exquisitely designed.   If you have a theme wedding and want a unique cake that reflects your wedding day , well, it can be done!  What is entirely amazing is that they ship their cakes all over the United States!

Whether you are choosing a traditional style layered cake or a zany fun theme wedding cake, Mike’s Amazing Cakes pays attention to all the fine you see in the pictures. 

Of course with all this detail, it’s not cheap to purchase these cakes however if you have the budget and want a personalized cake, this si the place for you!

A more recent addition to my favorite list is Cake Envy which is located on the north side of the Green Lake area of Seattle.  I first happened upon them and had one of their delish cupcakes.   When you enter the bakery, you are struck by the white crispness of the space.  Their cakes follow along the same lines with precise and crisp lines which give a more modern look to cakes.


You can easily see in some of the examples the whimsical fun cake designs.  The use of vibrant contrast of shapes and colors makes these cakes absolutely stunning!  They are know for their amazing light creamy buttercream frosting.

Here is a more traditional take with one of their wedding cakes. Classic lines and  romantic deep red roses.  They also have an amazing range of cupcakes and cake pops that can be added to match.

There are certainly so many more wonderful bakeries in the Seattle area.  These were just a  few of my top favorites.   If you are in search for the perfect wedding cake, take time to meet with your top choices to discuss your vision, taste their cakes and get pricing and then compare.  This way you can make an informed choice and feel like you were part of your wedding day cake creation.  Happy Tasting!

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