Bridal Chandelier Earrings – How to choose a perfect style for your wedding jewelry!

by Judith Cartier Oliver on April 29, 2009

Choosing Bridal Chandelier Earrings can feel like a bit of a challenge at first when ordering online  however following a few simple rules you will find it is easier than you think. earrings-031107-02 There are so many wedding chandelier earring styles available so it is important to follow a few rules of thumbs so you can choose your perfect bridal jewelry. Above all, choose a style that looks like you!

First I suggest that you try on your favorite lengths of earrings and then measure them to get an idea of what length you would want for your wedding earrings.  If you have a favorite pair of chandelier earrings, measure not only the length but also the width to get a feel for the size dimensions.  I like to provide earring length measurements with out the ear wire included.  The reason being is the placement of our ear piercing’s varies and if you choose a ball post versus a french hook ear wire you will have the earring placed differently.  There could be a 1/4 inch difference in length if you wear a post. By measuring this way you can basically hold the tape measure at the bottom of your earlobe to get a sense of how long the earring will look.Most bridal jewelry sites will provide the length of the chandelier earring and should gladly provide you with the width if it is not listed in the description of the bridal chandelier earrings.   The pearl bridal chandelier earrings above are about 2 1/2 inches in length and about 1 inch wide just to give you a little idea of how to measure.

Second, I recommend thinking about the fabric and details of your wedding dress so that you can capture that essence  into the style of your bridal chandelier earrings.  If you dress has no beading you may want to opt for an all Swarovski crystal bridal chandelier earring which can add amazing sparkle.  Perhaps you want a little less sparkle, then I suggest looking at styles that have a blend of pearls and crystals searrings-021607-02o that the pearls are picking up your dress color and the crystals are giving that beautiful sparkle to accent those pearls.  If you have a mixture of beading on your dress of crystals , pearls, sequins or bugle beading, I always recommend that you choose a pearl wedding chandelier earring that has a mix of the pearls and crystals. Choosing this blend of bridal jewelry materials will give you just the right textures in the look of the earring to accent your dress.  The example to the right is a perfect pearl and crystal bridal chandelier earring that is very popular.  For example the length of this wedding earring is about  1 3/4 inch in length and 1/2 inch or so wide.  This style provides a lovely texture of the pearls and crystals so that it is not overwhelming but adds the drama to your look.  There are many pearl cluster chandelier earrings available in different widths and styles so it really is a matter of which one appeals visually to you.  Our eyes do not lie!

Third and above all I recommend thinking about the materials you want used in creating your wedding jewelry earrings.  Bridal chandelier earrings can be light as a feather or so heavy that they can make your ears hurt!  The main difference is the metal components and type of crystals used. earrings-020207-06 I definitely had some chandelier earrings when I was younger that I thought looked pretty cool but were incredibly heavy and made my earlobe red and hurt. I had no idea at the time to shop for different metals.  I would see sterling silver listed on the earring card and think they were entirely sterling not realizing the sterling silver was on the ear wire or one small component of the jewelry.  There are a lot of manufactured components which are quite lovely to look at but are made of pewter or other casting type of metals that make them heavy. Sometimes crystals other than Swarovski are used which give a little added heaviness. Next thing you know you just want to take those earring off before the end of your wedding day.  I recommend investing a bit in your bridal jewelry to have nice quality metals and a style that is classic that you will easily wear again.   I know many times brides will talk with me about why my  bridal chandelier earrings may run a bit more than another earring they saw and I am able to share about the difference in materials.  Check if the ear wire is in sterling but the remaining items used to make the earrings are a base metal with silver plating.  Those are all little corners that can be cut to create lower pricing so if you want bridal jewelry that will last a long time and not chip and peel or feel uncomfortable to wear you will want to purchase wedding jewelry that has those quality materials.  The beautiful crystal bridal chandelier earrings you see above are created with sterling silver and Swarovski Crystals.  The center crystals are vintage Swarovski crystal cabochons that are set in Rhodium. (another word for 14 K white gold). They are about 3 inches long and you would think just to look at the picture that they would be pretty heavy earrings. You would be amazed that you do not even feel them!  I love the crystal bridal chandelier earrings as I feel like I am wearing Harry Winston earrings but at a fraction of the price and less a second mortgage!earrings-100806-02

I hope reading this article helps you to think a little more about how to choose the right style and length for your bridal chandelier earrings.  Really, this should be fun and once you have chosen your earrings then you can choose your wedding jewelry  and add your wedding hair accessories to go with your earrings.  Personally, I do recommend at least adding a bracelet with your chandelier earring to balance the entire look. 

So now of to happy hunting for your perfect and romantic pair of bridal chandelier earrings.  I know wehn you wear your wedding jewelry you are going to feel beautiful like a true princess or queen on your wedding day!

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