Bridal Crystal Lariat Necklace Adding sexy wedding accessories

by Judith Cartier Oliver on April 11, 2009

Many years ago I was approached by a local bridal salon to create dramatic bridal crystal lariat necklaces for their designer dresses that had a low back drop.  We called them back lariat necklaces and I created a multitude of lariat jewelry designs to be just the perfect accent for their bridal gowns.    Many of the dresses literally were cut so low in the back that they just barely covered “everything”.  Nonetheless the dresses were incredibly sexy and the bride who chose this dress definitely wanted to look sexy and live outside of the box. Adding a dramatic crystal lariat as their bridal jewelry looked amazing. P1011868As time has gone on, I found it was fun to create shorter versions of the back lariat and to offer single and double drops down the back.  The shorter lariats are perfect for bustier style dresses and strapless dress.  The crystal lariat can easily be seen through your veil and looks shimmery in photographs.

As seen to the right, this crystal bridal lariat is created with shimmering clear Swarovski Crystals and crystal rondelles to give a diamond sparkle effect.  This crystal bridal lariat sits at the base of the neck and has double tassel dangles that go part way down the back.  P1010715

Here is an example of a bridal crystal lariat necklace that actually wraps around your neck twice and ties in the back.  If you have a deep V in your back line, you can easily wear this crystal lariat necklace as a single strand. For a front style crystal lariat necklace you can wrap it around 3 times and tie the crystal strands in front. This style has also been popular as a bridesmaid jewelry set.

Now here is the best of both worlds for your wedding lariat to make it easily wearable after your wedding day.extention-122106-01 Choose the style of crystal bridal necklace that you want and then add on a crystal lariat extension.  The lariat extension is added to your lobster clasp so you can choose when you want to wear your crystal lariat extension. This can make the perfect designer wedding jewelry set that is unique and sexy. 

The most important thing to keep in mind in choosing your crystal lariat necklace is comfort.  It is important that your lariat has a nice fit for the lengths.  For single back drop lariats that clasp you can measure the circumference of where you want you necklace section to lie and then measure from the nape of your neck downwards to find the approximate length you will want for your bridal lariat necklace.  This way you will have a perfect fit for your bridal crystal lariat so you will not need to worry about it shifting off center. For double strands you can easily take a piece of ribbon or string and lay it around your neck as you wish the necklace to look and find your total length needed for your bridal lariat. Don’t forget to add on an additional inch for where you will tie your lariat.

There are several types of designs available on the Internet for crystal bridal lariats.  One style is to create the lariat by stringing crystals on cording. Although it is beautiful to have the strung crystals, this type of lariat can be fairly stiff and there is always risk for breakage of the cording.  I can share there is nothing worse than having your wedding necklace break in the middle of the ceremony and have over a hundred crystals fly all over the room.  Now this is not to say that this will happen but the reality is that the inside of the crystals can have some sharp edges that can cut through the cording and crimp beads that hold the ends can come loose.  This is no reflection on the beader’s technique rather it is just part of wear and tear.  By creating your lariat on sterling silver, you can easily avoid  this breakage issue and have a crystal lariat necklace that is a custom fit and that is comfortable and lays nicely when worn.  I am a strong proponent to Murphy’s law! I always say there are plenty of details to worry about for your wedding day so why not remove one worry from the equation.  This way you can proudly and confidently walk down the aisle with a bridal crystal lariat necklace that everyone will envy and that you will enjoy wearing!

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