Bridal Hair Accessories – Go wild and customize your bridal jewelry accessories with your wedding colors

by Judith Cartier Oliver on April 27, 2009

Did you know you can custom colorize your bridal hair accessories to match your wedding gown and wedding jewelry?  For over 16 years I have been customizing bridal jewelry and matching bridal hair accessories to match wedding gowns.  In the beginning I said I am going to create a way in which brides can choose their style of wedding accessories and then choose the perfect Swarovski crystal and Swarovski pearl colors to accent their gowns.  Gone were the days of basic clear crystals and ivory pearls!  I think about our parents when they got married and how limited the choices were for what wedding jewelry they could wear on their wedding day.  We are so fortunate to be able to feel like it is alright to express our own individual styles from our wedding theme to our wedding gown and accessories.   haircomb-090412-02

Bridal hair accessories cover a wide range. Bridal hair combs are very popular for adding color to your wedding hair accessories.  For example, the bridal hair comb to the right is created in the bride and grooms birth stone colors creating a union of them in her bridal jewelry. This Swarovski crystal bridal side hair comb was created to be worn just off to the side of her up do  hair style creating a beautiful crystal bouquet. 

Taking this theme P1010124even further, the bride wanted to add these birth stone colors to her wedding jewelry . Her ring had emeralds and aquamarine gemstones set around her Diamond. She decided to add a pair of crystal bridal chandelier earrings in the same colors.  Her wedding gown was in Diamond White with a light aqua blue floral embroidery on the bodice and around the hem. Her fiance’s birth stone was the emerald so how perfect could this wedding day look be with the addition of his birthstone color.

If this seems like to much color to have in  your bridal hair accessories and your wedding jewelry why not try an accent of color to  your bridal hairpins that create the same uniqueness but also bring in the traditional pearls.P1011080  Below are beautiful bridal hair pins that were created with Cream pearls and crystal accents of Rosaline crystals.  These bridal hairpins were paired with a beautiful crystal and pearl choker style necklace with matching drop style bridal earrings and bracelet.  Her dress was a deep ivory with light pink embroidery and crystal accents scattered on her wedding gown. The look she created was very soft and feminine. She felt that this truly reflected who she was and her personal style.

Here is another idea for use of colors in your bridal hair accessories. hair-comb-022507-01 This bride was wearing a light lavender blue chiffon wedding gown with purple accents.  This bridal tiara comb was create to pick up the colors of her dress and her wedding accessories were a perfect match even for her hydrangea bridal bouquet. Since she was a dark brunette, we used two different shades of purple so that once she was wearing her wedding tiara comb you could still see the purples against her hair.  She added a set of pearl and crystal cluster drop chandelier earrings to her ensemble and what a perfect picture with her wedding dress and her bridal bouquet. I must mention hydrangeas are one of my favorite flower so it was such a pleasure to create these pieces and see the final result!head-band-020807-01

Color can be added to your bridal hair accessories in a subtle way too. The crystal and pearl bridal headband to the right is a wonderful exampled of using color hues from your wedding gown as an accent.  You can choose any color for this bridal headband. The example shown is a lovely compline to Champagne, Gold, Cafe and Latte  wedding gowns.  If you are wearing a deep red wedding gown, why not try bronze pearls with Garnet crystals for a special effect for your bridal hair jewelry.

I hope some of these brides stories will inspire you as you think about your bridal hair accessories and your wedding jewelry colors and styles. Just knowing that you can customize the colors gives yo a head start as you plan and think about your wedding jewelry accessories.  Truly, I was not kidding when I said to “Go Wild” and choose your colors for the perfect bridal jewelry and bridal hair accessories set!

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