Bridal Hair Jewelry – Customizing your hair accessories

by Judith Cartier Oliver on April 13, 2009

perfecthair Customizing your bridal hair jewelry can be easy and fun! When you think about it, we take great care in choosing just the right ring, wedding gown, flowers and wedding theme colors that will reflect who we are. Now you are ready to add some of the finishing touches that will truly bring your entire wedding day look together.  I can not stress enough coordinating your bridal hair jewelry with your wedding jewelry.  In the need taking the time to do this will be well worth it and your wedding day photographs will reflect the time you took to achieve that perfect look. In the picture to the right, you can see that the bridal hair comb tiara was coordinated with her bridal jewelry. Both were created together and have the same pearls and Swarovski crystals as well as the design is complimentary. The bridal necklace is created in a light lacy style to match the bodice of her dress and the bridal tiara hair comb was created to be delicate and have a similar lacy look. From a distance the bride has just the right amount of accent with her bridal hair jewelry and her wedding jewelry set that allows her to glow.

Bridal hair jewelry has taken on new twists too which bring in a contemporary and more organic look.  The style of creating what is termed bridal hair vines have become popular over the years. The bridal hair vines are usually created with pearls and crystals and are flexible so you can weave them into your hair style.  There are a multitude of styles available on the Internet today.  P1012838

To the right is an example of a bridal hair vine. I create these hair vines on a heavier gauge wire so they can be worn as a bridal tiara, bridal headband or they can be shaped and woven around a soft up do. I hand create the shape and then work hard the sterling silver so it is stronger and can holds it shape but is still flexible enough to reshape. The bridal hair vine jewelry can easily be pinned to your hair do so not to worry that it will fall off.

For many brides, they want their bridal hair jewelry to be simple but sparkly at the same time.  barrette-122206-06 Perhaps you can relate to the growing out our hair to be longer for your wedding day and having a vision of having your hair softly swept back so the rest will flow down our back with just the softest of curls.  A perfect way to do this and keep the simple classic lines is to use a beautiful Swarovski crystal or pearl and crystal Barrette to accent your look .  Now add on a beautiful clear crystal bridal jewelry set and you are all set!

If you are wearing a bridal veil, you p1010613 can also choose to add in some crystal bridal hairpins at the front of your veil to add some extra sparkle accents during your ceremony that can be easily removed later on.   This way you will still have your crystal bridal hair jewelry adornments seen. You can also choose to have some colors of crystals in your bridal hairpins that give just that little accent of color to create a more floral effect.

As you can see, there are so many options for your bridal hair jewelry. Personally, I think it is fantastic that brides can now truly choose wedding hair jewelry and bridal jewelry that reflects their own personal style. Gone are the days of having a few items to select from. As women, we are free from constraints and can express our individual styles and be appreciated for just who we are! 

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