Bridal Hair Jewelry

by Judith Cartier Oliver on March 5, 2009

Choices for Bridal Hair Jewelry are plentiful. Depending on your hairstyle you can choose from crystal and pearl hairpins, bridal tiara hair combs, wedding headbands, crystal barrettes or bridal tiara hair vines.  You can see an example here of a bridal hair vineP1010317 which I handcraft the tiara base and then add on the wiring of pearl and crystals to give a light floral effect. The hair vine is very flexible and makes for a great choice for bridal hair jewelry.  This hair accessory can be worn as a headband, a tiara or even as a coronet or for a bun style hairdo.  There are rings on each end for you to secure the base and the hair vines range in length from 7-10 inches just depending on your needs. Hair vines used as your bridal hair jewelry really give you that unique look.

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