Bridal Headbands choosing your style in Swarovski Crystals and Pearls

by Judith Cartier Oliver on July 4, 2010

Bridal Headbands created with Swarovski Crystals and Pearls can be the perfect added Hair jewelry detail to finish your wedding day look. Before choosing a headband it is helpful if you choose your hairstyle and veil if you are wearing one. If you have met with your hair stylist then you should have a good idea of where your headband will be placed which makes choosing your wedding hair accessory easy.


You can choose neutral or several colors for your bridal headband. In the picture above, this Bronze and Cream pearl and Golden Shadow crystal headband is popular for those who are wearing dresses with trims or embroidery that is in another color. These colors are particularly pretty with Cream , Champagne and Latte Wedding Dresses and adds a special custom look.


You May decide that you want only pearls in your headband.  You can choose several sizes for your pearl headband. You will want to choose the pearl color that is closets to your fabric color. There are many selections of colors to choose from but typically if your dress is White or a light Diamond White you will want to choose the White Pearl. If your dress is a light to medium ivory then choose the Light Cream rose Pearl.  If your dress is a deep almost yellow ivory then the Cream pearl is the perfect choice.  You can easily view all of the Swarovski Pearls colors on a color chart.


If you have crystal beading on your bridal gown then adding in an all Swarovski Crystal headband can be a perfect way to create a perfect photo!  Most dresses usually have Clear crystals so staying with the Clear is your safest bet. If you have any iridescence in the beading then adding in the Clear Ab Aurora Borealis crystals can add to your sparkle. The crystal headband shown above is in all Clear AB crystals. Many times I like to blend Clear and Clear AB together so you still get the iridescence but not to much of the rainbow sparkle. By looking at the Swarovski Crystal Color chart you can easily gain ideas on different colors available.


This Swarovski crystal and pearl wedding headband shown above is very popular style for those who want to add sparkle with accents of pearls creating a soft effect.  This wedding headband is perfect when your dress has a mix of pearl and crystal beading.

You will want to think about whether you will be wearing your headband regular style or at a slanted style.  This will help you in picking out designs.  If you are wearing your headband at an angle, you may also want to consider a tiara headband too.  It truly is a matter of personal style.  Lastly, you want to wear a comfortable headband as  you certainly do not want a headache on your wedding day!   If you are purchasing your headband custom hand made from a bridal jewelry designer then contact your designer directly and discuss sizing.  I hand stretch out each headband to give adequate flexibility so they will be comfortable to wear all day.

I will be adding more articles in the future on different styles and choices for Bridal Headbands and there are truly are so many headband styles to choose from that can be perfect for you. I hope this was helpful to you!

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