Bridal Jewelry

by Judith Cartier Oliver on March 4, 2009

I thought I would continue on with bridal jewelry ideas to go with your wedding dress. The last time we were talking about strapless gowns and sweetheart necklines.  Many of the newer gowns have what is called capped sleeve which usually consists of lace.  The capped sleeve can easily create more of a square neckline. For your bridal jewelry set I would recommend a Y drop style necklace that does not drop down too low.  You will want to keep the balanced look.  One of my recent brides  had a beautiful capped lace gown with crystals and small sequins sewn into the lace. The style that worked well was the necklace to the right and we added a matching teardrop crystal earrings and multi strand crystal bracelet to complete her look.  P1011144 The lightness of the crystal for her bridal jewelry was perfect for accenting but not competing with the lace design on her gown. We went with a clear crystal to keep the subtle sparkle.  I actually love capped sleeves and love the look of the perfect Y necklace with it.  However my other suggestion is to wear a set of chandelier earrings with a multi strand bracelet and keep the neckline open.  This again allows your bridal jewelry to be the perfect balancing accent to your gown.

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