Bridal Jewelry – adding pearls and crystals to create the perfect touch to your bridal jewelry accessories

by Judith Cartier Oliver on May 4, 2009

Oh, the fear of adding just the right Pearl and Crystal Bridal Jewelry to your wedding day accessories. It really does not need to feel this way! To be honest, choosing your bridal jewelry can be fun and exciting and a perfect way to add that finishing touch.  Think about your personal style and whether you want a classic look or a more daring or extravagant look for your bridal jewelry. Do you want to wear a dramatic pair of crystal bridal chandelier earrings with a stunning crystal bridal bracelet or would a pair of pearl bridal drop earrings with a matching necklace and bracelet be the perfect touch? Repeat to yourself, “it is truly my decision and there is no right or wrong decision”.  I can not express enough to my brides to follow their intuition.  Trust yourself as you look into the mirror with your bridal jewelry on as to which bridal jewelry selections are a perfect match to you.  You will know as you look into the mirror and just as when you chose your dress, you will see yourself on your wedding day in that bridal jewelry.

As you think about adding your pearl bridal jewelry , I recommend thinking about all of your accessories and making sure you can coordinate them them together.  I can only tell you how many times a story is shared with me about choosing a pair of earrings and not being able to find a bridal necklace, bracelet or bridal tiara to match. That is a bride’s worst nightmare!   After spending the past year coordinating every little detail of your wedding, the last thing you want is the last minute trying to find all the coordinating bridal jewelry pieces to match and on a budget to boot!

Here is a great example of a pearl and crystal bridal jewelry set starting with lovely teardrop pearl earrings and matching pearl bridal necklace and bracelet.  Even if you decide not to wear one of the pieces, it just makes sense to have all of the bridal jewelry available just in case.set-090607-03

Since we order our wedding gowns so far out in advance, it is truly easy to forget what our bridal gown exactly looks like.  So many times a bride will tell me that when they went in to pick up their wedding dress that they somehow did not remember it was actually ivory or that it has beading on the bodice or that the neckline has a sweetheart bodice.  Truly, when we are choosing our gown we are living in the moment and those details are not what is important, rather it is the feeling we get when we Swede ourselves in the gown.  So don;t be hard on yourself if you do not completely remember the derails.  Join the rest of the world.

Since so many of the designers now have their gowns online to view, have your bridal jewelry designer look at your wedding gown and give their suggestions for bridal jewelry and bridal hair accessories that will compliment your wedding dress. I always provide telephone and email consultations on a daily basis to brides to provide suggestions and ideas of bridal jewelry that will work well with their wedding gowns.  I actually love doing this as I know this advice becomes so helpful to so many brides. I always love being able to assist my brides with guiding them on choosing just the right bridal jewelry design but also just the right colors of pearls and crystals.  Knowing that you will be able to coordinate all of your bridal jewelry and wedding accessories can give you peace of mind.  Once your wedding gown arrives you can try on your bridal jewelry on and decide on which bridal jewelry pieces you will wear for your wedding day. Trust me you will be happy you did this and in the long run it is even cost effective way to purchase your bridal jewelry!

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