Bridal Jewelry Custom Made

by Judith Cartier Oliver on February 22, 2009

 P1012211                                                                                     Bridal jewelry custom made can be an exciting experience.  There is so much detail and thought put into every aspect of planning a wedding and having your own custom bridal jewelry can be that last detail that brings your whole look together.  The picture to the left was a design created for one of my brides that had a vintage style tiara from her grandmother she was wearing.  She was finding it impossible to find anything even remotely similar to the design and materials.  By using one of the pictures she sent me of the tiara, and consulting  not only by email but by phone , we were able to come up with a design together that would be the perfect bridal jewelry accent to her tiara.  I created this pieces wire wrapping pearls and vintage crystal pieces into the brooch filigree and created a vintage style appearance using three different styles and lengths of chains. This bride cried when she tried it on with her tiara, it was a perfect match and captured the essence of what she envisioned for her bridal jewelry set.  This was a perfect example of wearing a family heirloom and having a new future heirloom created for her to give to her daughter one day.  Many times, we want to incorporate family heirloom jewelry, however it can be difficult for finding jewelry in the stores that matches as  jewelry in the stores is usually manufactured with newer materials.  If you are thinking of using a family heirloom piece as part of your bridal jewelry accents, then you might want to consider having your pieces custom made with vintage crystals and findings.  I can say that many of my brides actually find bridal jewelry sets on the web site that are perfect to be the added compliment to their vintage accessories as I create with the newest Swarovski crystals available and the styles are reminiscent of vintage era’s so they become timeless pieces.  When it really comes down to it, the jewelry we wear on our wedding day has an amazing significance which we are reminded of our wedding day each time we wear our jewelry!

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