Bridal Jewelry -Exciting New Swarovski Pearl Bridal Necklaces now available online

by Judith Cartier Oliver on April 18, 2009

As promised we are now offering the new bridal jewelry spring collection of necklaces which are now available online. P1010461I am so excited about the new wedding jewelry designs and I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised by the additions of the new bridal necklaces. The new 2 strand necklace to the right has been in demand already. This wedding necklace is similar to the 3 strand necklace style that I introduced last year.  This necklace style is perfect with strapless gowns and sits at the base of the neck. Although I am using larger pearls in this design it still has the delicate feminine look that Looney Maiden jewelry is known for.

The long awaited teardrop pearl bridal necklace is also now available and makes the perfect bridal jewelry for strapless, capped sleeves and V neck wedding gowns.  p1010447 I have designed this pearl necklace to sit at your collar bones and have the dramatic long drop of pearls and crystals. There is a beautiful balance between the your shoulders and bust line that make this wedding necklace a perfect compliment to almost any style of wedding gown.  The shorter style version of this bridal necklace was one of my top sellers last year and is available as a bridal jewelry set special. There are short and long style matching earrings to compliment this necklace.p1010445 

Here is a new round style pearl and crystal wedding necklace. The pearls and crystals have a suspended look with the diamond cut chain which gives a light shimmery sparkle to the bridal jewelry.  This is a perfect necklace for those who wish to have a classic round style necklaces with pearls but don’t want to wear the strung pearls which give a little heavier look. You still have the classic feel with a contemporary look.   P1010456

Now for those of you who are pearl lovers and want all pearls in your bridal jewelry, this pearl wedding necklace is a perfect substitute for strung pearls. There is a beautiful pearl Y drop and pearl sections that go completely around the neck. You can also choose to have a color accent pearl if you want to bring in your sash color or wedding colors. Add a pearl drop earring and single strand pearl bracelet and you are all set.

For those of you who just want a simple pearl drop pendant style bridal necklace,p1010674 here is a new bridesmaid jewelry set that has already been very popular since we placed it online  not only for bridesmaid jewelry but also for bridal jewelry.  I really love teardrop shapes and these teardrop pearls are just the perfect touch.  You can choose your crystal and pearl colors to create just the perfect wedding jewelry.

There are so many more pearl bridal necklaces , earrings, bracelets, lariats and matching bridal headpieces for you to view on the Looney Maiden Bridal Jewelry and Bridal Party Jewelry web site. We offer over 700 unique handcrafted jewelry and hair accessory designs that can all be coordinated by choosing your pearl and crystal colors. Having these choices ensures that all of your bridal jewelry will match creating a perfect wedding day picture.

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