Bridal Jewelry – How to add Swarovski Crystal color accents to your wedding day accessories.

by Judith Cartier Oliver on January 5, 2010

Bridal Jewelry can be customized to add in beautiful Swarovski Crystal color accents to create a perfect look for your wedding day accessories.  When adding color, there are a few simple rules to follow so that you have just the perfect amount of color added.


I always say, your bridal jewelry and wedding hair accessories should look like they were designed at the same time as your beautiful wedding gown. If you have color accents designs with your bridal gown fabric, whether Swarovski crystals or embroidery accents, you will need to decide if you want the color accent to be in the forefront of your wedding jewelry set or be the accent background color.


This beautiful Swarovski crystal bridal choker necklace, bracelet and earring set was a perfect wedding jewelry set for my bride in the first picture.  As you can see, a blend of Clear Ab and Siam red crystals were used to add just enough color to her beautiful bridal jewelry.  The Red crystals were able to play off the red embroidery on the bodice and yet did not overtake the look. Rather, this combination created that perfect balanced look.  I just love when that happens!


Now here is an alternate idea for using color in your bridal jewelry.  This Swarovski crystal necklace and earring set can be a perfect compliment for many of the blue wedding gowns you are seeing on the runways.  By using several shades of blues with clear ab crystal accents, the contrast effect is quite stunning and wonderful.  If you are thinking of using a lot of color in your wedding day jewelry, then my rule of thumb is either use your exact matching color as the majority or if a matching color is not available then go one shade lighter or one shade darker to create a pretty contrast.


You an easily see in the picture above that the bride decided to bring in a strong presence of red in her bridal jewelry set to match her beautiful corseted satin wedding gown.  If you choose a gown of color, then don’t be shy about adding color to your jewelry.  If the bride above had worn a neutral clear crystal choker, it still would have been pretty however it  would not give the same “pop” effect that using the red crystals gave her wedding day look.

Wedding 042

Lastly, the bride above was wearing a white classic wedding gown but wanted to add her favorite colors of blues and purples into her bridal jewelry and hair accessory set.  Her bridal bouquet also had whites, purple and blues so she was able to create a theme and wear her favorite colors.  I thought it was such a pretty and feminine look and what was so perfect was that her wedding jewelry set and bridal hair comb were created together with matching colors.

So, my last rule is to have all of your jewelry created by the same designer. Most handcrafted jewelry designers should offer free phone or email consultations. Every day I am more than happy to provide ideas and advice on designs styles and colors as I know shopping on the internet can sometimes feel a bit daunting.

Take advantage of having a consultation  as not only can your custom wedding day jewelry be created in your perfect vision, but you might be surprised how affordable it can be!  By taking the time to research and contact the designer, you can ensure that your bridal jewelry and wedding hair accessories will match perfectly, not only in color but also in design style.

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