Bridal Jewelry ideas for Beach and Destination weddings

by Judith Cartier Oliver on August 23, 2009

Bridal jewelry ideas are plentiful for your special Beach wedding or Destination wedding celebration.  You have spent careful time choosing just the right location and beach to have your ceremony and just the right wedding dress. Now it is time to accessorize and add some beautiful bridal jewelry that truly reflects your won individual style.!


Could you ask for a more perfect beach wedding as shown in the picture above!  This is everyone’s dream to have such a beautiful day and when I look at this picture I can feel the beautiful serenity!


One of my brides decided she wanted to bring in a mix of clear and blue Swarovski crystals to her jewelry.  Although you can not see it in the pictures, her beach wedding gown has these beautiful swirls of crystals sewn on her dress that had a similar effect as her earrings.  In the next picture you will see her incredible blue eyes, which of course her fiancé’ was in love with! Henceforth, below you can really see how bringing in the light sapphire blue crystals were a perfect accessory for her wedding day. She was so happy and loved having the sparkles to wear next to the sparkling ocean.


Which brings me to my point.  Choosing your beach wedding jewelry really comes down to choosing jewelry that makes you feel happy and that reflects who you are. Whether you choose pearls or seashells or decide to add in sparkle with Swarovski crystals, you still can keep that relaxed feel and look that you want with your destination wedding.


Here’s a perfect close up of the crystal bridal bracelet she is wearing and below are the crystal chandelier wedding earrings.


I love to call these bridal crystal chandelier earrings my “bird cage” earrings as each one of the parts moves.  I hand form each piece to create that shape you see and trust me they are so much fun to wear.  If you want to have a little more pearl look to your earrings, below is a picture of a very popular pearl and crystal cluster style chandelier earring which gives a light delicate sparkle surrounded in pearl clusters.


There are so many styles of pearl and crystal wedding chandelier earrings or the many styles of pearl and crystal drop  bridal earrings to choose from.  Think about your personality and personal style and what you would like to wear and the go for it!


Add in a beautiful custom Swarovski crystal anklet to adorn your sandals or bare feet! There is something that feels so wonderful about wearing an anklet at the beach and you could choose to go with crystals or pearls as seen below.


Below is a beautiful pearl bridal necklace and earring set that has tiny accents of crystals and has been especially popular for my beach brides. This pearl wedding jewelry set has a fun contemporary look to the designs and yet a natural elegance to the look.


I would be remiss if I did not also remind you of your wedding hair accessories. You can choose to add in lovely little hairpins and you may want to add in a beautiful flower clip.


There are so many options of bridal hairpins and wedding tiaras too. Once you know how you will be wearing your hair, then you can choose your wedding hair accessories to match your jewelry!


Keep that beach feeling but don’t forget to add a little of that extra special sparkle. After all this is your day to shine brightly!

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