Bridal Jewelry ideas to match your wedding gown. How to choose custom and affordable wedding day jewelry and hair accessories.

by Judith Cartier Oliver on April 13, 2010

Custom and affordable Bridal jewelry can be found to match your wedding gown!  Brides are offered the ability to choose their own designs and colors to compliment their beautiful wedding gowns over the internet.  Gone are the days where you only had limited choices of what wedding jewelry to wear. You can also have your bridal hair accessories such as tiara’s, hair combs and headbands also created to match your wedding jewelry. How great is that!


There are several ideas to keep in mind as you choose your bridal jewelry and hair accessories.  Here are some questions that can be helpful to think about as you consider your custom wedding day jewelry set.

  • Think about the style of your dress. Is the style of your wedding gown Modern contemporary, Victorian classic, Beach influenced or Sexy sleek?  You will want to choose bridal jewelry that truly compliments your fabrics and style.
  • Consider what your own personal style is.  Do you like simple and classic jewelry or do you like to wear dramatic styles?  I always say choose wedding jewelry styles that you can envision yourself wearing and then take it up one notch. After all it is your wedding day!
  • Think about whether you prefer to wear pearls, crystals or a combination of the two in your designs. Another way of putting it is do you prefer classic jewelry designs or are you a sparkly girl?


You will also think about your wedding day hair style as it makes a beautiful picture to have your bridal jewelry and your wedding hair accessories match!

  • How will you be wearing your hair? Will you be wear it down over your shoulders, a partial or full up do? This will be important when considering a bridal necklace and earrings as well as your matching wedding hair accessories.
  • Will you be wearing a veil? If so, you will want to think about what bridal hair accessories you would like to add not only for when you are wearing your veil, but also when you take your veil off later on.

I hope these questions are helpful as you start your search for just the right wedding jewelry!  Every day I help brides worldwide choose the perfect bridal jewelry for their wedding gown.  Purchasing on the internet can feel daunting and yet if you can connect directly with the jewelry designer, it makes it easy to choose.  Sharing pictures of your wedding gown  helps the designer to visualize your wedding jewelry choices and also helps choosing pearl colors and crystal colors that will be perfect accents.

Take some time to think about and view your bridal jewelry choices. I encourage you to call or email the jewelry designer directly and have a conversation about your bridal jewelry!  Trust me, it is time well spent. Every wedding jewelry designer loves the sound of that squeal of delight when brides find receive the perfect bridal jewelry set!

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