Bridal Jewelry Ideas

by Judith Cartier Oliver on February 20, 2009

I always feel it should be fun to  choose just the right bridal jewelry to accent your bridal gown. P1010388   When choosing bridal jewelry, it is important to think about what your personal style is and then blend that with your choices of bridal jewelry.  There are so many options, truly endless options.  My feeling is to choose jewelry that ot only fits your personality, but that looks like it was designed to accompany your bridal gown.  The perfect picture is one that you see the whole look together as perfect puzzle pieces fit together.  

The bridal jewelry set to the above is a perfect example of choosing a style and colors to perfectly match a bridal gown.  This set was custom created for one of my brides who was wearing a strapless ivory dress with a lace overlay that was a deep champagne and mocha.  The gown was exquisite and very much needed to have some of the deeper colors brought into the bridal jewelry to create a balanced look.  The dress was vintage inspired and had a beautiful bias cut.  The lace overlay provided a rich textured look to the dress. By taking the Cream pearls as a base and adding in Champagne crystal with Bronze pearl accents, we were able to achieve the perfect blend and accent for her dress.  The styling of the 3 strand provided a similar textured look with the lace. 

When choosing to add colors into your bridal jewelry, it is important to think about how much color is truly seen on your dress.  With the example above, this bride had a lot of rich tones and textured fabric that truly required there be a lot of color added.  Many dresses may have just a hint of color in the beading or on the fabric.  Some bridal dresses are accompanied by a sash of color.  If the color is faint, then my rule of thumb is let;s stay with the same essence as the fabric and style.  You can add in hints of color to your jewelry or choose to not add any color in and have the color pop out more with your dress.                                                                                                  P1011007The choker to the left was created for one of my brides who was wearing a strapless champagne blush gown which had delicate beading that included very light pink, light blue  and violet crystals and beads with organza overlay.  She really wanted to add in some of the color to her bridal jewelry as that was part of what she fell in love with when she selected her bridal gown.  My recommendation was to select one of the colors to add into her jewelry, the color that she loved the most.  She chose to have the pink added into her choker as this would also compliment the Blush Champagne fabric of her gown. This allowed her to have some color in her bridal jewelry set and yet completely compliment her gown.  P1011080

The bridal jewelry hairpins to the right were then created to match her bridal jewelry and create the prettiest picture in the world.  She told me she truly felt like a beautiful princess on her wedding day and what she loved most was the uniqueness we created for her wedding day look.

I will continue to provide more bridal jewelry ideas in the months ahead which I hope will inspire you in creating your own unique look.

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