Bridal jewelry Make me feel pretty custom and handcrafted for your wedding day

by Judith Cartier Oliver on October 23, 2009

I received a call recently from a bride who was searching for just the right custom bridal jewelry for her wedding day.  She told me a friend of hers had purchased her wedding jewelry from me and that she should see “the Looney Maiden”.  That is me of course. She told me her friend said “ I don’t know why what is it about Looney Maiden’s bridal jewelry but every time I wear it , it makes me feel pretty”.  She made my day!

I still love hearing that from my brides! For the last 18 years that I have been creating bridal jewelry, I always say I put a little extra love in to my designs and the wedding jewelry pieces.  I am all about the girl and the “pretties”. Sometimes I feel like we never receive enough opportunities in life to celebrate our beautifulness and certainly we must do this for our wedding day jewelry

Below are just a few of the hundreds of candid photo’s I receive each year from my brides who fell in love with their wedding day jewelry and wanted me to share photos with brides to be in order to inspire them to “choose bridal jewelry that will make you feel pretty”!


I love this bridal jewelry that has a twist of the Irish with Emerald Green crystals mixed into her wedding headband and her bridal crystal necklace! 


This photo is so sweet!  She was so happy to have a mix of a Light Smoked Topaz in her bridal  jewelry to bring all her colors together for her wedding day attire.


So this picture above truly makes my point!  This is a picture perfect moment.  I love the loving look she has in her eyes and she truly feels beautiful in her wedding gown and bridal jewelry set. You can see more photos here.

I always say, your bridal jewelry completes your look.  You have taken time to choose just the right dress, veil, shoes and bouquet so why not choose just the perfect wedding jewelry that says this is you. Feel pretty in your bridal jewelry is just another perk for your day…not a bad perk I must say!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some fun pictures to inspire you. You can easily see they “feel so pretty” and they are truly living life in the moment!  Take a little moment for yourself and view beautiful bridal jewelry.  I promise you will experience great delight and a moment in time where the world stands still as you  imagine what your perfect bridal jewelry will be!

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