Bridesmaid Jewelry Alfred Angelo Colors

by Judith Cartier Oliver on April 1, 2009

Choosing color designs is my forte for creating unique bridesmaid jewelry.  I am always in search of new color combinations.  I have been looking at over 70 new colors for the Alfred Angelo bridesmaid fabrics and what an amazing selection they offer brides!  Here are some of my favorites and color choice ideas for bridesmaid jewelry.

In the red category, I am loving the Lipstick color which is this beautiful light cranberry wine color. It looks fantastic with the new Bordeaux Wine color pearl and is a perfect red statement with out being too red.  I can easily see combinations of pearl colors to create a dramatic look for bridesmaid jewelry.  Here is another fun idea for those who dare to be different and that is mixing Siam red crystal with Padparadascha crystal. Siam Austrian Swarovski Crystal Classic ColorPadparadscha Austrian Swarovski Crystal Classic ColorTrust me, it is actually quite stunning with this fabric.

In the purple category, I really love the fabric just called Purple.  Purple is one of my favorite colors and if you looked at my own jewelry collection you will see that over half of my jewelry is some shade of purple.  I really love purples that are more tanzanite and vibrant. Over the years, my customers could always find my booth at shows just looking for the deep Tanzanite Lavender crushed velvet curtains.  I love surrounding myself with purple! Now back to bridesmaid jewelry colors, I absolutely love the combination of using tanzanite AB crystal with Lilac or even all Tanzanite AB crystal.Tanzanite AB Austrian Swarovski Crystal Aurora Borealis Color

In the pink category, the Dusty Rose is one of my favorites partially because it takes me back to a favorite dress I had when I was growing up. I have always been drawn to the softer muted tones of rose and this color reminds me of old tea roses you would see in an English Garden.  The Powdered Rose pearl is a perfect match for this fabric and you could choose to add a little crystal moonlight or a light rose AB crystal color to the bridesmaid jewelry.  My second favorite in the pink aisle is the Pink Sorbet. This pink almost has a mauve undertone to it but is every so summery.  I really like using Violet and the Light Rose crystal together in the bridesmaid jewelry sets to bring in the beautiful soft tones of the fabric. Light Rose AB Austrian Swarovski Crystal Aurora Borealis ColorViolet Austrian Swarovski Crystal Classic Color

In the green category, I love the Jade color. I am always drawn though to colors with blue undertones so of course this is a beautiful teal color that perfectly matches with the Blue Zircon crystal . Mixing the Blue Zircon with the AB version is a stunning combination for bridesmaid jewelry sets and this color goes nicely with Navy and Black fabrics too.Blue Zircon Austrian Swarovski Crystal Classic Color

In the blue category, I have to go with the Blue Jay color. Ok, I will admit that this is one of the best colors for me to wear and it matches my eyes.  Yes I have those bright ice blue eyes that everyone thinks they want.  Here’s a little secret, I have to wear sunglasses outside even on cloudy days and headlights nearly blind me. There are many a day I would love to have deep rich brown eyes!  So back to the Blue Jay color, the absolute best crystals is the Light Sapphire AB. I choose the Ab version as it gives a little lift to the color and I am also a sparkle girl .Light Saphhire AB Austrian Swarovski Crystal Aurora Borealis Color These bridesmaid sets are easily worn again with a multitude of colors.

For the browns,  being from the northwest I have to be an Espresso girl.  I love the richness of this brown and adding in a color sash just makes the whole look classically elegant.  My favorite combination for the fabric especially if bronze or champagne sashes are being worn is the Mocca and Golden Shadow crystals.Mocca Austrian Swarovski Crystal Classic ColorGolden Shadow/Champagne Austrian Swarovski Crystal Classic Color Not only is this combination stunning but it is easy to wear with other outfits.  I also like using just the Golden Shadow crystal in all one color as the shimmery champagne color offsets the dress and makes a fantastic bridesmaid set.

In the orange category,  I really love the Burnt Orange and it is a perfect match for the Indian Red Crystal.  For an autumn wedding I really like adding in the crystal copper as a contrast color and it makes you think of the turning leaves of Autumn.  The copper pearls with the crystal copper is also a great compliment for bridesmaid jewelry.  Necklace Swarovski Pearls - Swarovski Crystal - Sterling SilverThe picture below gives and idea of how that combination will look in their jewelry and to be honest this is a great combination even for the Espresso brown and Cinnamon. 

Lastly for the yellows, I really love that Butter color.  It is the softest yellow and is very feminine.  Yellow can be a difficult color for many to wear however I think that the light tone of the Butter fabric makes it easy for almost anyone to wear.  The Jonquil crystal is the prefect match for the bridesmaid jewelry.

Of course there are another 50 plus colors to look at and hopefully some of the ideas I have shared to day will inspire you as you think about colors for your bridesmaid jewelry. 

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