Bridesmaid Jewelry – Choosing Swarovski Crystal and Pearl colors for your Mia Solano Bridesmaid dress

by Judith Cartier Oliver on April 30, 2009

Choosing crystal colors for your bridesmaid jewelry to match your Mia Solano bridesmaid dresses is now made easy for you! There are so many wonderful bridesmaid dress designers and Mia Solano is one of them. Mia Solano has an exquisite collection of bridesmaid dresses created in beautiful fabric colors and contemporary European designs. Mia Solano bridesmaid dresses are available through retail outlets. Here is an online example site that carries their bridesmaid dress line called Ella Park Bridal which offers the Mia Solano collection and has wonderful color charts and fabric sample packages you can purchase so you can choose just the right color.


If you have purchased Mia Solano as your bridesmaid dress choice, then you know what I am talking about.  There are so many choices for choosing your bridesmaid jewelry for your bridal party and below I will provide a list of some of the most popular and sometimes difficult to match colors as a guide for you in selecting the perfect bridal party jewelry. Now, keep in mind some of the Mia Solano bridesmaid dresses may have beading added on the bodice so if that is the case you will want to know the colors of the beading in order to blend the jewelry together with the colors. I am more than happy to guide you on color selection to give you great ideas on what colors to use in your bridesmaid jewelry.

When matching Swarovski crystal and pearl colors for your bridesmaid jewelry I always recommend going a shade light than darker if you are at all worried. Overall, wedding jewelry should always be seen as the perfect accent that brings together your fabrics, style and colors. Below is a picture of a perfectly neutral set with Cream Pearls and Golden Shadow accents.


You can always go neutral if you are worried about color matching and with all of the colors listed below you can always add in Clear or Clear Ab crystals to give the bridesmaid jewelry a little lighter effect.  You can easily click on the following links to view the Swarovski Crystal color chart and the Swarovski Pearl color chart to make viewing color choices for your bridesmaid jewelry. Below is a wonderful chart for ideas for Mia Solano fabric colors to choose from for the perfect Swarovski crystal and pearl colors for your bridesmaid jewelry. The first crystal color will tend to be the exact match or lighter tone crystal.

The second crystal color will be a slightly darker or lighter tone that matches the fabric. You can see in the picture below the pink bridesmaid jewelry set special which includes a custom bridesmaid necklace and matching earrings for only $39.50, the large crystal is a deeper rose color and the small outer crystal creating an interesting contrast of colors that will match many of the shades of pink dresses. For example for the first color Toffee, you could choose to create your bridesmaid jewelry set with the Golden Shadow as the smaller accent crystals and the Light Colorado Topaz as the large main crystal color creating a stunning effect.


Now in the next bridesmaid jewelry set special picture below, which includes a custom bridesmaid necklace and matching earrings for only $39.50, I have taken a lighter Gold pearl color and used the Light Smoked Topaz crystal as the accent.


You could easily reverse and use a light crystal color with a darker pearl. You choices truly are endless in the color combinations available for your special bridesmaid jewelry. With the pearl jewelry sets you can always choose to use a neutral pearl such as Light Cream rose and have the crystals match the color of your dress adding just that little touch of color to make a memorable bridal party gift.

Are you ready to get started? Here are many of the Mia Solano fabric colors. I have created an extensive list of color ideas to hopefully inspire your creativity and make it easy for choosing colors for your special bridesmaid jewelry sets.

Neutral pearls are White or Light Cream rose pearls. Toffee – Golden Shadow and Light Colorado Topaz crystals, Powdered Almond pearls. If you have a dark sash try adding that color combined with one of these colors. Latte – Golden Shadow crystals, Powdered Almond and Bronze pearls. You can also mix the Light Smoked Topaz with a lighter shade crystal to create a contrast effect. Espresso – Mocca and Burgundy crystals, Bronze or Deep Brown pearls. If you want a lighter look try Cream pearls with one of the crystal colors. Victorian Lilac – Tanzanite, Violet and Light Amethyst crystals, Mauve pearls. I especially love the Tanzanite crystals with Mauve pearls. Violet – Purple Velvet, Tanzanite, Lilac and Violet crystals, Mauve or Purple Velvet Deep Purple pearls. Any combination Aubergine – Burgundy, Garnet and Amethyst crystals, Maroon pearls.

The crystal color you choose should be in accordance with your color theme. All three crystals will accent the fabric nicely. I like mixing the Golden Shadow crystals with the Maroon pearls for a really unique look. Here is a fun Bridesmaid Jewelry set which Maroon and Bronze Pearls are mixed together to go with deep wine color bridesmaid dresses.


This combination also looks fantastic with Dark Chocolate brown dresses.  Copper – Crystal copper and Golden Shadow crystals, Copper and Bronze pearls. The fabric has a rich tone. You can also combine the crystal copper with a deep brown pearl. Rust- Indian Red crystals, Bronze pearls. The Indian red is the perfect color match and you can choose a lighter crystal color to provide contrast. You can even mix Siam crystal. Candy Pink- Rose and Light Rose crystals, Pink Rosaline and White pearls Desert Rose- Light Rose crystals, Powdered Rose pearls. Hot Pink- Rose and Rose AB crystals, Pink pearls

Below is a perfect picture to show you how to take the dress color and add a light amount into your bridesmaid jewelry. In this bridesmaid jewelry set special , Chrysolite crystals are used as the center crystal and are surrounded by Clear crystals creating a soft effect of color for your bridal party gift.


Pistachio- Erinite and Chrysolite crystals, Powdered Green pearls Celadon- Olivine, Light Olive, Lime crystals, Olive Light Green pearls Mint Green- Chrysolite Ab and Clear crystals, Neutral pearls Seamist- Erinite and Chrysolite crystals, Powdered Green pearls. These colors all have a perfect tone for matching. Hunter Green – Tourmaline and Emerald crystals, Dark Green and Neutral pearls Ice Blue – Light Sapphire and Lavender crystals, Baby Blue and White pearls. Ocean Blue – Aqua and Light Azore crystals, Neutral pearls. Periwinkle – Light Sapphire, Tanzanite and Sapphire Satin crystals, Baby Blue , Midnight Blue and Neutral pearls. I really like blending the Tanzanite and Light Sapphire Ab crystals together. Navy Blue – Dark Sapphire and Sapphire Satin crystals, Midnight Blue and Neutral pearls. Try using one of the navy color crystals with Light sapphire crystal accents for a different effect or use jet black crystals to give an evening look. Here’s a great example below of a bridesmaid jewelry set with Sapphire Satin Blue crystals and Jet black crystals.


Salmon – Padparadascha and Clear AB crystals, Neutral pearls This is one of the tougher fabric colors to actually match. The Padparascha is the best color and has the same tone of the fabric without being to pink or to orange. I really like adding in small Padparadascha AB version of crystal to give a little added sparkle and have the colors blend together well. Mango – Light Peach AB and Sun crystals, Apricot Peach and Neutral pearls. I really like the Light Peach Ab with Apricot Peach pearls. The sun crystal is slightly more tangerine than the fabric but can be a pretty accent mixed with the Apricot pearls. Rum Pink – Light Peach, Silk and Vintage Rose crystals , Apricot Peach , Powdered Almond and Neutral pearls. You can mix any of these colors to stay with the soft colors that match your fabric. Pale Yellow – Jonquil AB crystals, Gold and Neutral pearls I refer using the Jonquil AB as it gives extra sparkle and the light yellow shows up much better on the skin. Maize – Jonquil and Light Topaz crystals, Gold and Neutral pearls. The Light Topaz is an intense color so I would not suggest using this as all one color, rather add a light accent color. Key Lime – Great color but stay neutral with your crystals and pearls. For example use Crystal Moonlight and White pearls or use a Powdered Almond with Golden Shadow crystal for contrast.. Let the fabric speak for itself. If you are using a different sash color bring the sash color into your jewelry.


The bridesmaid jewelry set in the above picture shows an example of how to colorize with custom colors.

A bride sent me the swatch to her bridesmaids dresses that was similar to a deep Raspberry color and yet it had this shimmery sheen to the fabric which made the color shift depending on the lighting. I am sure we have all had fabric like that in our clothing! Back to my point, I used Amethysts crystals with Satin Edition Swarovski crystals to create this blend of colors to create bridesmaid jewelry that fantastically matched the dresses. For difficult colors, I always recommend obtaining a swatch for the color matching. I only need a tiny little 1/2″ by 1″ piece to be able to color match for my brides and this will save you so much time and anxiety to not have to try and color match without being able to compare your fabric. I will be adding additional information in the coming weeks for color matching for other bridesmaid dress designers too including Eden Bridals bridesmaid dress , Bill Levkoff bridesmaid dress collection and Raylia exotic bridesmaid dresses. Each designer pffers amazing collections of bridesmaid dresses. For more design ideas you can visit the Looney Maiden bridesmaid jewelry set special page on the Looney Maiden web site for more ideas. I hope this article has opened up the horizons of possibilities for creating just the perfect bridesmaid jewelry sets for your special bridal party!

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