Bridesmaid Jewelry Colors to match your Bill Levkoff Bridesmaid dresses for 2009

by Judith Cartier Oliver on May 30, 2009

Trying to find just the perfect Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets to match your Bill Levkoff bridesmaid dress?  You have searched for just the right color palette for your bridesmaid dresses and I can just imagine you have been finding it nearly impossible to find the perfect bridesmaid jewelry to match. This is your lucky day!

I have compiled a list of popular colors I am asked about for Bill Levkoff’s 2009 bridesmaid dress collections.  Bill Levfkoff is a company based in New York that has been offering beautiful bridesmaid gowns for over 60 years! Not only are they a third generation family owned company, but they truly have gorgeous contemporary and classic style dresses in a multitude of colors. I love one of their statements that they "create bridesmaid dresses that they will want to wear again." 

They are truly after my heart as for over 16 years I have always had a similar statement which is wedding jewelry you will want to wear again and again. When planning your wedding, you truly want for your bridesmaid to wear dresses and bridesmaid jewelry that they really love. After all they are your best friends and relatives and are sharing one of the best moments of your life.

That being said, I invite you to peruse the list below of ideas for Swarovski crystal colors for their bridal party gifts. Here is a great link to my Swarovski Crystal color chart that you can view as you review the color ideas for your special bridesmaid jewelry necklaces, earrings and bracelet sets.

With the following list I will provide several different options of matching or accent colors that match the color tone of your bridesmaid dresses. Depending on sash colors, wedding theme colors and so forth, you may want to combine two different colors in their jewelry.  The color list here will provide you with a perfect base of colors to start getting creative with.  I invite you to look at examples on my bridesmaid jewelry set special pages as this can inspire you in thinking about the style and look you want for your bridesmaid jewelry.

Ready? Here are the most popular bridesmaid dress colors I am asked about.

  1. Fuchsia – Fuchsia,Fuchsia AB, Rose, Rose AB crystals
  2. Berry – Light Rose, Light Rose Ab, Rose, Rose Ab, Vintage Rose, Rosaline
  3. Eggplant -Amethyst, Amethyst AB, Light Amethyst, Light Amethyst Ab, Burgundy
  4. Wine – Ruby, Ruby AB, Siam, Siam Ab, Garnet, Garnet AB
  5. Watermelon – Rose, Rose Ab, Fuchsia, Fuchsia AB, Indian Pink
  6. Scarlet – Light Siam, Light Siam AB, Siam, Dark Red Coral
  7. Cinnamon – Indian Red, Crystal Copper, Try Light Smoked Topaz, olden Shadow and Topaz to compliment.
  8. Terracotta – Padparadascha, Padparadascha Ab, Indian Red
  9. Sage – Chrysolite, Chrysoltie Ab, Erinite, try Golden Shadow to compliment
  10. Clover – Peridot, Peridot, Erinite, Erinite Ab, Green Tourmaline
  11. Celedon – Olivine, Chrysolite Satin
  12. Violet -  Violet, Tanzanite
  13. Sky Blue – Light Sapphire, Light Sapphire Satin
  14. Royal Blue – Dark Sapphire, Sapphire Satin
  15. Periwinkle – Light Sapphire, Lavender
  16. Lilac – Tanzanite, Tanzanite Ab, Lilac, Light Amethyst AB
  17. Latte – Light Smoked Topaz, Try Smoky Topaz for contrast
  18. Champagne – Golden Shadow, Silk, Light Colorado Topaz
  19. Taupe – Light Smoked Topaz, Light Colorado Topaz

Now this should get you started on thinking about just the right colors for your perfect bridesmaid jewelry gifts. I invite you to now go back and look at examples on the Looney Maiden website of different color combinations for bridesmaid jewelry sets. If you have a different color than is listed here, just call me toll free at 1-877-271-0406 and I would be happy to provide some great suggestions on color choice ideas for your bridesmaid jewelry sets. set-090507-08

Here is a lovely Swarovski Crystal bridesmaid jewelry set picture in all Light Amethyst Ab which was a great accent and contrast bridesmaid jewelry set for the Eggplant bridesmaid dresses. Sometimes, it is very pretty to use the lighter or darker contrast crystal color to set off the jewelry and set off their bridesmaid dress. By using the AB version of the crystal, we added extra sparkle that allowed the colors to blend together very nicely.

set-090507-05 You may also find your self wanting to use pearl and crystal combinations which I can easily guide you on the correct pearl colors to go with your crystal color choice. Here is a great pearl and crystal bridesmaid jewelry set combination that offers a bridesmaid necklace, earrings and bracelet combination and goes perfectly with the Lilac Bill Levkoff Bridesmaid dresses. Just a little extra inspiration for your day!

Hope I inspired you again on your search for just the perfect Bridesmaid jewelry sets. Happy Looking!

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