Bridesmaid Jewelry Crystal Color Ideas for Popular David’s Bridal Dress Colors

by Judith Cartier Oliver on July 4, 2011

David’s Bridal offers a wonderful array of color choices for their bridesmaid dresses. Yes, you can have matching Swarovski crystal bridesmaid jewelry to match in your wedding colors. First you will want to consider the style of jewelry you would like.  You can easily choose bridesmaid jewelry sets that feature a  round style, Y drop or pendant necklace style with matching earrings.  For high necklines you might consider bracelet and earrings for your bridal party.


Here are some crystal color ideas for some of the hard to match but popular shades currently for summer and fall weddings 2011.

  • Clover is a luscious green color that can be hard to match however Swarovski offers a limited edition crystal color called Light Emerald which goes beautifully with it.  We currently have this crystal color in stock and offered on the website and it has been extremely popular. 
  • Horizon is a lovely medium royal blue.  The best matching crystal color for your bridesmaid jewelry is Sapphire however I will add that many of our brides have chosen to add in Dark Sapphire or Light Sapphire as an accent color which is also very pretty.
  • Lapis has continued to be popular and the best color is Purple Velvet.  I love mixing the Violet ab with the Purple velvet for a fun effect.
  • Watermelon is a yummy rich color in between pink and red. It has been extremely popular this year and Swarovski came out with a color called Indian Pink which is my absolute favorite with this fabric color.  I always like to suggest blending the Indian Pink with the Indian Pink AB for the small crystals which creates a stunning effect for your bridesmaid jewelry sets!
  • Wisteria is a lovely purple lilac color which I recently color matched and found that blending the Lilac Crystal with Violet AB made a stunning combination.

Have fun as you look at all the Swarovski crystal color options available and be creative!  My own 2 cents is choose colors that are pleasing, complimentary and make you feel happy.  I always say you do not always need to match exactly to your bridesmaid fabric color, rather you want to capture the essence of the blending of the colors creating the perfect look for your wedding party accessories. There are unlimited possibilities for choosing your perfect bridesmaid jewelry!

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