Bridesmaid Jewelry Crystal Lariat Necklace Ideas in Color

by Judith Cartier Oliver on January 23, 2010

Bridesmaid jewelry Crystal Lariat Necklace is a great newer trend in wedding jewelry ideas.  This type of crystal back drop style necklace is perfect for bridesmaid dresses that have a V or open back in which you want to add a dramatic effect.


One of my lovely bride’s Lauren shared these beautiful photo’s the bridesmaid’s custom bridal crystal lariat necklaces I created for her wedding party. Her colors were red and turquoise and what a stunning way to add in that red color and create a truly unique look for her girl’s.  These necklaces were custom handcrafted and hopefully this article will inspire you to think about having custom made crystal or pearl lariat jewelry for your wedding party. These crystal bridesmaid lariat necklaces made a perfect gift and keepsake.


This picture is quite fantastic as the bride herself also wore a crystal back lariat necklace. The bridesmaids were so elated with their beautiful bridal party jewelry gift and they have been able to continue wearing these crystal necklaces for many occasions.  Being able to receive custom wedding jewelry was such a thoughtful way for Lauren to share how special they all are in her life.


Here’s the final look from the front.  The bridesmaid jewelry crystal lariat necklace was custom created as a two strand style with a single backdrop lariat in Siam red Swarovski crystals and antiqued sterling silver.   You can see the bridal jewelry is a perfect compliment to the bridesmaid dress and I will share more about that in my next bridal article.  I just think the final effect with this crystal wedding jewelry was absolutely amazing!

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