Bridesmaid Jewelry for Alfred Angelo Bridesmaid Dresses

by Judith Cartier Oliver on March 17, 2009

Every day I consult with brides about choosing the right colors for their bridesmaid jewelry to match bridesmaid dresses.  Alfred Angelo offers an incredible versatility of colors and designs in their bridesmaid dress lines. However, sometimes we choose a dress color and then finding bridesmaid jewelry to match can be like climbing Mount Everest!  Never fear, Swarovski crystal and pearls colors come in such a wide variety of shades that there is always one to match.  I am sure I have mentioned before when I first launched my website, there really were not other custom jewelry artists offering the wide selection of colors.  Form the beginning I offered choose your design and choose your colors to have beautiful and personal jewelry sets handcrafted for your bridesmaids.  Not only do you get to be part of the process of selecting their brdiesmaid jewelry but I experience a feeling of delight each day as I create their jewelry sets.  A long time customer of mine asked me the secret to my continued creativity and inspiration with creating jewelry.  I shared with her that “every day I get up and go to the studio and wonder with anticipation what colors I will be working with today”. In all seriousness, this truly makes me happy and inspired in continuing to create beautiful high quality bridesmaid jewelry. 

Below is a wonderful chart for ideas for Alfred Angelo fabric colors to choose from for the perfect Swarovski crystal and pearl colors for your bridesmaid jewelry.

Butter – Jonquil, Jonquil Ab .  Harvest Gold – Light Colorado Topaz, Light Smoked Topaz, Golden Shadow crystals – Antique Brass, Antique Gold, Bronze pearls. Platinum – Crystal Cal, Crystal Satin, Black Diamond, Crystal Moonlight crystals – Silver, Dark Grey pearls. Mint – Chrysolite, Crystal Moonlight crystals – Creamrose, Light Creamrose, White pearls. Lettuce – Chrysolite, Erinite, Chrysolite Satin crystals – Powdered Green Light Creamrose , White pearls. Pistachio – Peridot, Chrysolite crystals – Cream , Creamrose pearls. Clover – Erinite, Olivine crystals – Oliver pearls. Hunter – Emerald, Tourmaline crystals – Moss Green pearls. Raisin –  Vintage Rose, Silk crystals – Bronze, Maroon pearls. Pink Sorbet – Rose, Light Rose crystals – Pink, Creamrose pearls. Fuchsia – Rose, Fuchsia, Indian Pink crystals. Peach Fizz – Light Peach, Silk crystals – Apricot, Creamrose pearls. Shrimp – Light Peach, Silk crystals. Coral – Padparadascha. Burnt Orange –  Indian Red crystals. Magenta – Ruby crystal. Riviera Sky – Light Sapphire crystal. Cornflower – Lavender, Light Sapphire crystals. Blue Jay – Light Sapphire, Aqua crystals. Indigo  – Dark Sapphire, Sapphire Satin crystals. Robins Egg Blue – Light Azore crystals. Cobalt – Sapphire, Dark Sapphire crystals.  here is the link to see the Swarovski Crystal color chart. here is another link to see the Swarovski Pearl color chart.

This is a limited list and hopefully I can inspire your creativity for choosing a color palette for your bridesmaid jewelry sets.  The colors I have included either exact matches or shades that go with the fabric colors.  Depending on sash or trim colors you can choose to add those in or decide to have their jewelry created to match the sash or trim to give a contrast to their bridesmaid jewelry sets. Have fun!

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