Bridesmaid Jewelry Ideas for your Alfred Angelo Bridesmaid Dress – Color matching with Swarovski crystals

by Judith Cartier Oliver on May 14, 2009

Choosing bridesmaid jewelry to match your Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dresses is fun and exciting!  Just think of the days where our mom’s did not get much of a choice for choosing bridesmaid jewelry let alone elegant bridesmaid dresses. As I say to my brides quite often, “in the 21st Century we can choose the colors and styles we want.” Although there are certainly etiquette guidelines for wedding planning, what bridesmaid jewelry and bridesmaid dress style we choose for our bridesmaids is truly our own unique expression of what we want for our wedding day.  bridalset-090412-04 There are many bridal clothing designers and Alfred Angelo is one of the leading bridesmaid dress designers who offers a beautiful selection of colors and styles for their bridesmaid dresses. They offer so many styles and you can mix and match styles and colors to create just the perfect wedding day picture. Most of their bridesmaid dress collection is available in Satin, Crepe, Chiffon, Organza and Taffeta so you can easily choose just the right color palette for your bridesmaid dress.  Once you have your colors, choosing your bridesmaid jewelry is easy as pie!  For most of the Alfred Angelo dresses, you can easily choose just about any style of bridesmaid necklace and earrings to accompany them to create your perfect bridesmaid jewelry set that your girls will love wearing long after your wedding.

Today I am going to provide you with additional Alfred Angelo color ideas for your bridal jewelry that I did not cover last month.  To see my previous posting, click here for more Alfred Angelo color ideas for your bridesmaid jewelry sets.I always have color swatches available here in the studio so what I love most is being able to look at color combinations for my brides while we discuss colors and styles for their bridesmaid jewelry free consultation on the phone. This really makes it exciting for everyone and I strongly recommend taking the time to cal if you have any doubts about colors to make your choice easy. Much to everyone’s surprise , I really do answer the phone and love looking at color combinations with my brides!

So here are some new color ideas for your bridesmaid jewelry to match your Alfredo Angelo dresses. These color selections are being provided for Satin fabric dresses.  There are lighter color shifts for the colors in the other fabrics they use so I recommend you call me to discuss other crystal colors. My rule of thumb is always go a shade lighter if you are in doubt! Here is a link to the Swarovski crystal color chart for you to view as you review the information below.

For bridesmaid jewelry in the red category, here are best matches for your red bridesmaid dresses. Light Siam is perfect for Cherry , Siam for Claret, Siam or Garnet for Wine and Indian Pink , Light Siam or Siam for Lipstick. Lipstick has a slight pink undertone to the red and I have the Indian Pink available by custom request. We will be adding it to the color chart soon.I recently mixed the Indian Pink AB with Crystal Moonlight and it was just the perfect touch of color for the bridesmaid jewelry and this made it easily wearable for after your wedding. Adding Crystal moonlight which is a Clear crystal with a soft satiny sparkle coating adds just a little extra spice to let the colors stand out in your bridesmaid jewelry.

For bridesmaid jewelry in the purple category, keep in mind purple has a wide range of color.  earrings-100506-03 Purple can have a blue or brown undertone to it so sometimes it can feel a bit tricky. Best choices for Eggplant is Purple Velvet and you could add in Violet as an accent crystal. Here is a picture that shows the combination. F or Grape and Berry  the Amethyst is a perfect match. You could add in Light Amethyst Ab as your accent crystal to create a perfect bridesmaid jewelry set.

For bridesmaid jewelry in the green category, your green fabrics will either have a blue or yellow undertone to them.  For Kiwi the colors are a bit tricky. I actually have two crystal colors that work well and are available by special order. One is Khaki and the other is a Light Olivine. You can also choose to go a shade darker with the Kiwi and go with the Olivine which is a very pretty compliment. For Celadon, Clover and Lettuce, best to call me as these are a little more difficult to match. There are satin crystal bridesmaid jewelry designs which match so it really depends on how much color you want in your jewelry.  F or Pistachio, the Chrysolite can be perfect. For Hunter, Tourmaline or Emerald are best choices for your bridesmaid jewelry.necklace-100806-12 Here is a great example of a Swarovski crystal  bridesmaid necklace the use of satin crystals for your bridesmaid jewelry. Two different satin crystals are blended to create a perfect compliment for Clover fabric.

For bridesmaid jewelry in the blue category, the choices are much easier.  For Pool your best choice is Aqua or Aqua AB and you could accent the crystal color with Light Azore. Robin’s Egg Blue goes nicely with Light Azore or Light Azore Ab crystals. Tealness look best with Indicolite. Blue Jay is perfect with Light Sapphire or Light Sapphire AB. Indigo goes best with Sapphire Stain which is available by request. Here is a an example of a Bridesmaid Jewelry Set special which Sapphire Satin crystals which are mixed with Jet black crystals.Riviera Sky goes well with Light Sapphire. Cobalt actually goes well with Cobalt crystals which are also available by custom request. Of course you can choose to add in an accent crystal by going a shade lighter or using a neutral color crystal in your bridesmaid jewelry.

For bridesmaids jewelry in the yellow category, this will be super simple! For Sunshine you could go with Light Topaz which looks like citrine gemstones or the Jonquil which is a light shade of Yellow. The Jonquil is really great with the Gold pearl for this fabric.bridalset-090419-01 For Harvest Gold, you will need to go more with a brown crystal as the name of the color is deceiving. The Light Smoked Topaz or Golden Shadow can be good accent colors and I might suggest thinking about a pearl and crystal combination which looks pretty fantastic with this fabric. Here is an example of bridesmaid jewelry sets.  For Butter, the perfect choice is Jonquil or Jonquil AB for a little more sparkle for perfect  delicate looking bridesmaid jewelry.


For bridesmaid jewelry in gray and black tones I would recommend for Black either Jet or if you want to add a little sparkle the Jet Hematite. The bridesmaid chandelier earrings  in the picture below have a mix of jet with crystal cal silver crystals and diamond look center crystals which can also be a fabulous accent for your bridesmaid jewelry. It can be very striking and pretty to combine both of these colors together in the bridesmaid necklace. For Charcoal the Black Diamond Satin, Jet Hematite and the Silver Shade which can be custom requested are great colors to use for your bridesmaid jewelry. Here is a great example of the look of these crystal colors in a Swarovski crystal bridesmaid necklace design.

All of the suggestions for crystal colors for your bridesmaid jewelry are given to inspire your creativity.  We are all artists inside that are wanting to come out and create beautiful pictures in life.  I know that probably sounds silly, but if you really think about it we all want to create beauty in life. So take a little time and enjoy looking at all of the crystal colors and always feel free to contact me for advice or ideas on how to choose just the right crystal color combinations for your bridesmaid jewelry!

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