Bridesmaid Jewelry ideas when Planning a Big Wedding

by Judith Cartier Oliver on May 21, 2009

Finding unique and identical bridesmaid jewelry for your large bridal party can be easy! You have planned a big wedding and included all of the people you and your groom have dear to your heart.  You have found the perfect bridesmaid dresses in just the right color and all of the sudden the question of bridesmaid jewelry comes into play. So you look upon endless hours in every mall or department store you can find to purchase beautiful bridesmaid jewelry that your bridesmaids will feel special wearing and that will match your bridesmaid dresses.  You find a bridesmaid jewelry set you like but there are only two available and you need ten bridesmaid jewelry sets or the style of the jewelry is pretty but the wrong color. The other stores do not have anything even similar.  Then you decide perhaps to go with something really simple but still run into the same problem with not enough bridesmaid jewelry sets available for purchase. What’s a girl to do!

I hear this story each week and I can say that with each phone call I receive there is this big sigh of relief on the other end of the phone when the bride realizes she has finally found her unique and affordable bridesmaid jewelry online and she gets to customize the style and colors for the design.  There are so many Swarovski Crystal color choices and Swarovski Pearl color choices to choose from.  You can order identical matching bridesmaid jewelry sets that are custom made to order and at a price that doesn’t break the bank!  bridalset-090419-02

There are many advantages to being able to purchase your customized bridesmaid jewelry.  Certainly, you take away the pressure for your bridesmaids to try and find jewelry to match their bridesmaid dress. Your bridesmaid want to look beautiful for you on your wedding day and it is so important to them that they add to the picture you have conceptualized for your big wedding day.  Whether it be their hairstyle, the color and style of their shoes or their bridesmaid jewelry, they truly want to add to your happiness.  Having your bridesmaids wear identical or complimentary matching jewelry really brings the entire bridal party look together and looks great in your wedding day photos.  They have received bridesmaid jewelry that they all share in common and there is something really special about that feeling. Plus they all have a lovely keepsake to cherish and wear again after your wedding day.

When looking at custom bridesmaid jewelry sets, you choose identical sets or choose the crystal and pearl colors you want and choose a different style for each bridesmaid. In many big weddings, the bridesmaids have chosen the style of dress that suits their personality but in the same fabric color, so why not do the same with their bridesmaid jewelry?  Now here is what is the added frosting! You can also choose custom jewelry for your flower girl jewelry sets, for your mother of the bride and mother of the groom and special bridal party jewelry for your additional attendants. How great is that!

I encourage you to take some time to look at all of the wedding jewelry ideas for your bridesmaid jewelry, wedding jewelry and bridal party jewelry designs that you can easily order online. Not only will you save time and gas costs, but I think you will be pleasantly surprised that your budget is going to be very happy!

Have fun looking now at all of the bridesmaid jewelry set designs and color choices and I always encourage everyone to call or email me for ideas and suggestions on color choices and styles to choose for your perfect bridesmaid jewelry. I love providing ideas and guidance choosing colors and matching designs and I know that over all of these years that brides are so excited and relieved to have this type of help. And don’t forget, once you have found the perfect jewelry you will get to put a big check mark on that to do list!

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