Bridesmaid Jewelry, Junior Bridesmaid Jewelry and Flower Girl Jewelry Sets to Match your Eden Bridals Bridesmaid and Flower Girl Dress colors.

by Judith Cartier Oliver on June 27, 2009

Eden Bridals offers a large selection of styles and color for your bridesmaid dresses and coordinating your bridesmaid and junior bridesmaid jewelry and flower girls sets with their fabrics can be just as easy and fun!  Eden Bridal dresses are offered through authorized retailers and are also available through online bridal stores. They offer over 68 colors and 100 styles to choose from as well as different fabrics. 

Now just imagine coordinating the perfect bridesmaid jewelry and your junior bridesmaid and flower girl jewelry sets to match your perfect dress color. It truly can be done and the final effect can be quite stunning! carrieweddingpic1014 

Whether you choose to match exactly or use an accent crystal as seen in the picture of one of my brides Carrie and her girls, you truly can give the perfect bridal party gift that will be treasured and worn often after your wedding day. Not only choosing the right style and colors are important choices, but also choosing quality jewelry will make the biggest difference.  I will talk more about that another day to give you more ideas about how to choose your bridesmaid and flower girl jewelry wisely and affordably. Here is a helpful link about Bridesmaid jewelry and about Flower Girl jewelry  that may inspire you.

Here is a list of some of the most popular color choices this year that I am seeing by Eden Bridals and suggestions of matching or accent crystal colors that will hopefully make it a bit easier when thinking about your color combinations.  Also, here is a link to our Swarovski crystal color chart  so you can easily look at colors as you read. I invite you to also take a look at bridesmaid and flower girl jewelry sets afterwards to inspire new ideas.

  1. Cotton Candy – Light Rose, Light Rose Ab, mix with Clear or Clear AB
  2. Fuchsia – Fuchsia, Fuchsia AB, Ruby is one shade darker
  3. Raspberry – Ruby, Fuchsia and Indian Pink, try mixing Ruby and Fuchsia
  4. Terracotta – Indian Red, Hyacinth, Fire Opal
  5. Burgundy – Garnet, Burgundy
  6. Cranberry – Siam, Siam AB, Garnet is a shade darker
  7. Midnight Blue – Dark Sapphire, Sapphire Satin, Sapphire as an accent
  8. Sage – Erinite, Green Tourmaline, Chrysolite as accent
  9. Pistachio – Chrysolite, Chrysolite Ab
  10. Hunter Green – Green Tourmaline, Olivine as accent
  11. Latte – Golden Shadow, Silk as accent
  12. Mocha – Light Smoked Topaz, Smoked Topaz, Bronze pearl too
  13. Lilac – Violet, Violet AB, Tanzanite contrast color
  14. Lavender – Violet, Violet AB, Tanzanite or Lilac contrast color
  15. Periwinkle – Light Sapphire, Light Sapphire Ab, Sapphire Satin
  16. Bronze – Crystal Copper, Light Smoked Topaz, Topaz Ab as accent
  17. Coral – Light Peach, Light Peach Ab

As you look at the different colors, let yourself feel creative with mixing colors.  For example, say your bridesmaids and junior bridesmaids are wearing Lilac dresses and their bouquets will have a spectrum of purple and blue flowers, then perhaps use Tanzanite as their main crystal color and add in Violet Ab for their contrast color this way their entire look is complimentary.


The crystal bridesmaid bracelet above shows how to use clear crystal as your accent color and choose your main matching dress color, creating a beautiful visual effect. Another bridesmaid jewelry set example below is for the Cotton Candy, try using the Rose as your main crystal color and add in Light Rose as the accent color to create a contrast effect for your bridesmaid jewelry.  What is really fun is to be able to then choose flower girl jewelry sets that are in the same colors.


So now that you are ready for your fun venture take some time looking at different bridesmaid jewelry and flower girl jewelry sets, the styles and colors to get some ideas around having their special keepsake wedding jewelry created. I also like to share that I have many additional special edition Swarovski crystal colors that are not shown on the color chart that can work nicely as accent colors.  Always feel free to contact me directly. I truly love blending colors to create just the perfect look for your bridesmaid, junior bridesmaid and flower girl jewelry sets. Every day I receive an email or phone call from an excited bride who just opened up her package and says, "the jewelry is not only beautiful but it matches perfectly", I love hearing the excitement and it really makes my day!

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