Bridesmaid jewelry – New 2 strand bracelet

by Judith Cartier Oliver on February 3, 2009

P1010205 This new bridesmaid bracelet has been a hit in my showroom and will be going on the website soon.  As always you can choose your colors for the crystals and pearls.  It can be fun to bring in the dress color or your wedding colors into the crystal  color and then choose a Light Creamrose pearl as a neutral classic accent.  I recently had a bride visit my showroom and  order Mocca crystal and Pink pearls to go with a bridesmaid dress that was deep Espresso brown with Pink trim. The bracelets were perfect with the dresses!  This is why I love offering my customers the color choice option.  Bridesmaids are truly touched by their personalized jewelry as they hear the story of how these are created.  

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