Bridesmaid Jewelry Personalize your bridal party gifts with color

by Judith Cartier Oliver on April 3, 2009

What a wonderful way to say thank your closest friends by having personalized bridesmaid jewelry handcrafted for them.  Every day I answer questions from brides about how to choose bridesmaid jewelry and truly make it a personal gift.  Over the last 15 years I have certainly seen a multitude of color palettes and styles for bridesmaid dresses. Thank goodness those huge puffed sleeves from the 1980’s are behind us and we have not seen a return of those. Of course never say never!  One thing is for certain, as styles and colors change the one thing that can last forever is a beautiful classically styled bridesmaid jewelry set.

I have found that modern brides really want to purchase a gift with meaning and  that their bridesmaids will truly cherish.  After all, our closest girlfriends are lifelong partners who have been there when we have laughed and cried.  We will forever celebrate each other and the gifts we bring to each other’s lives that makes it so much richer.  There are so many do’s and don’ts for wedding planning.  I am not a proponent of do’s and don’ts as that limits us from being able to do what we do best and that is infuse a part of ourselves into our wedding day.  This may sound philosophical, however think about what you love about each bridesmaid in your wedding party.  Now you are ready for action!

Here are some ideas to get you started on choosing just the right bridesmaid jewelry for your bridal party. First of all, do you want your bridesmaid jewelry gift to be worn on your wedding day?  If so, then we need to think about the colors the bridesmaids will be wearing.  Say you have chosen a Fuchsia color dress with a Kiwi green sash.  Although the dress itself may be quite stunning with these colors, and the bouquet they will be carrying may have beautiful pinks and greens to accent your wedding colors, choosing bridesmaid jewelry with Rose and Peridot green crystals may not be quite the perfect choice.  P1010684 Here is an example of an idea of how to incorporate the beautiful Fuchsia pink color into their bridesmaid jewelry and yet make it wearable again. In the picture to the right, the main crystal color is Rose AB and the small crystal color is one shade light in the Light Rose.  I really love combining two colors of the same palette this way as not only does it make it easier for matching fabric colors but it allows the main color of the dress to pop out in the large crystals of the jewelry. Now you can see that this set could easily be worn again with a black dress for a special occasion to a white blouse for casual.

Let’s look at another example but doing the opposite for your colors.  Say you have chosen a lovely Caramel brown bridesmaid dress.P1010690  You decided to keep the dress all one color so the girls can wear it again.  You really want to match their bridesmaid jewelry to the dress but don’t want it to be too dark and you are wondering if there is a way to make it more neutral so your bridal party can wear it again.  You have shades of browns and gold’s for your wedding colors. To the right you can see how a lovely Gold pearl is used with accents of Smoky Topaz crystals.  In this example, I have suggested that the Gold Pearl be in the forefront of the jewelry design so that it provides a stunning contrast and the darker brown be the accent crystals. This bridesmaid jewelry set has now become a much more neutrals piece as the bridesmaids will be able to wear it easily with a untidier of colors and yet it will also work with your wedding theme colors.

Now, let’s say you have a really difficult taffeta satin that has a metallic sheen and is nearly impossible to match. I really love using a more neutral crystal that the bridesmaids will be able to wear with anything. p1010682 Here you see a bridesmaid jewelry set that is created with Crystal Moonlight crystal which is a newer crystal by Swarovski. This is a Clear crystal with a satiny coating that gives it a soft sparkle perfect for day or evening wear and trust me your bridesmaids will love you for it.  I really like this set especially for bridesmaid dresses that are beautiful and unique in color but hard to match. By wearing this neutral bridesmaid set, the dress color is allowed to pop out and you have also added in some beautiful sparkle for the girls to feel beautiful for your special day.

Easy as that!  But seriously, choosing your bridesmaid jewelry colors can be fun and exciting and it should be fun for you and for them. Of course you always have me to bounce your ideas off of and I certainty can provide you with additional ideas to help you make your bridesmaid jewelry perfect.  I hope that some of these ideas will get you inspired and bring out the artist in you as you choose the perfect bridesmaid jewelry.  I always feel you know it is right when you feel you want to purchase a set for yourself too!Me & Lindsaywedding  

Here one last inspiration for the day as you think about your bridesmaid jewelry.  You can see that in this beautiful photograph that the bridesmaid wore an espresso brown dress and was carrying a lovely bouquet of pinks flowers.  Although I will apologize this is not a close up, you can see the lovely pearl necklace and earring set she is wearing>  This bridesmaid jewelry set was created  with classic pearls and crystal  and allowed the wedding colors to stand out nicely.  I love the warms miles in this picture.  You can easily tell how close they are as friends and what a joyous day it truly was!

I hope you are so inspired now that you will set aside some girl time and have fun looking at colors charts and designs. 

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