Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets choosing your colors

by Judith Cartier Oliver on March 6, 2009

Choosing you colors for your bridesmaid jewelry sets can be easy and fun.  Did you know that many of the major bridesmaid dress designers offer swatches you can purchase?  For example, Alfred Angelo offers a sample packet of fabric colors for $7.50 and David’s Bridal offers their samples for $1 per swatch.  Other designers also offer fabric swatches for varying prices.  I can say enough that investing in a swatch will make your life much easier in choosing the colors for your bridesmaid jewelry.

I receive calls daily for free consultations to discuss colors for bridesmaid jewelry sets.  I  am very familiar with many of the designers colors however there are some colors that can be a bit tricky and that is when the swatch helps tremendously!  By providing a small piece of your swatch to me , (literally all I need is a tiny piece) I can easily color match your Swarovski crystal and pearl colors for your special bridesmaid jewelry gifts.  I actually love doing this as creating color textures makes creating your custom bridesmaid jewelry exciting.  I am all about color and texture in jewelry making.  Once I receive your swatch I am able to provide you with many recommendations of color combinations and styles that will match perfectly or accent your bridesmaid dresses.

You can easily choose your colors for your bridesmaid jewelry sets too!  I think it looks interesting to use contrast colors, meaning choose colors that are a shade lighter or darker than the fabric color as to create a compliment for the fabric.  For example, for Hot Pink dresses, use a Rose AB crystals with Light Rose crystal accents to create a perfect accent of pinks.  You do not necessarily need to match exactly.  I find it visually interesting if the colors are in the same palette and not exactly matching rather a sea of pinks.  Another example of adding in what I call a “titch” of color  for your bridesmaid jewelry sets is to take the same color as the dress or a slightly lighter color and add it with a Clear or Clear AB crystal.  There is a fabric color called Pool which is an aquamarine blue color. This fabric really requires crystals more in the aqua family even though on e would think it is a light blue.  I like to suggest that using the Aquamarine  crystal with a Clear Ab crystal can create a beautiful bridesmaid jewelry set and bring out the blue in the cress.  Another twist is to take the Light Azore crystals and either use all one color of crystal or add Clear crystals as an accent.  The Light Azore is a shade lighter and therefore provides contrasting bridesmaid jewelry. You can already see how fun and creative you can get with their jewelry sets.

Sometimes it can feel difficult to find just the right color match for your bridesmaid jewelry sets. The color of the fabric may shift a lot depending on whether it has a metallic sheen or even what type of lighting you are in.  The most important part of color matching is to look at the fabric and crystal colors together in natural light not indoor or fluorescent lighting.  I always suggest that my brides order one bridesmaid jewelry set initially to check the colors especially if we have not been able to use a swatch and the color is unusual. I recommend holding the crystals against your skin with the fabric sample next to it to see the true look of the colors in natural daylight.  The crystal colors will deepen slightly once placed against your skin.

I will add in closing that many brides want to purchase bridesmaid jewelry sets that their bridesmaids can wear again that will not be so color specific.  In that case, I usually recommend using the Clear AB crystals or basic Clear for the necklace design.  What I love most about the Clear AB is that it looks great with any fabric color and the girls will be able to wear tier special bridesmaid jewelry often with much delight after your wedding.  I always say they can dress it up or down when they wear their special bridesmaid sets chosen by their special friend, you!

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