Bridesmaid Jewelry to Match 2014 Bridal Party Dresses Pantone Colors

by Judith Cartier Oliver on January 27, 2014

Choosing Bridesmaid Jewelry in Crystal and pearls to match your 2014 Bridal Party dresses is exciting, easy and affordable!  Pantone has released their 2014 Color Report for Spring and the colors abound with so many beautiful choices!


Purple shades continue to lead as one of the most popular colors for weddings from Eggplant to vibrant Orchid to soft palettes of Violet .  Shades of Blues and soft Greens tend to be the second runner up. Brighter Yellows and Orange hues are also being seen as fantastic colors for Spring and Summer weddings. Traditional neutral tones in greys and light beige taupe tones also continue to offer variety.

You can easily choose jewelry from an amazing array on the Swarovski Crystal color chart.  You may also consider adding in Swarovski Pearls to your design too!


The Pantone Color of the year is Radiant Orchid which is rich and vibrant.  Who doesn’t love orchids with their delicate tropical trailing bouquet of flowers. Here are two examples of the shade.  You can see it can vary from more purple to more pink tones.  Violet and Fuchsia crystals have been a popular mix. Try adding in a contrast color to your jewelry so the orchid will pop and be the main attraction.

radiantorchid2014 radiantorchid2014b

Violet Austrian Swarovski Crystal 

  Fuchsia Austrian Swarovski Crystal

Dazzling Blue is similar to a brighter royal cobalt blue and is quite versatile when adding in wedding accessories.  Sapphire, Cobalt or complimentary colors bode well with this color of blue.


Sapphire Austrian Swarovski Crystal

Celosa Orange takes orange to a slightly softer level and yet retains the energy of the color!  The color makes me think of sherbet, a truly yummy color. Fire Opal AB crystals have orange and yellow in them and are truly unique.


Fireopal Austrian Swarovski Crystal

Hemlock is  a soft pale green that has less blue than the mint colors of last year and is soft on the eyes.  Chrysolite crystal has a soft light minty green but you may decide to add another color to the equation to give a contrast look.  As you can see, you can easily add in Rose Pink for a pop of color!


Chrysolite Austrian Swarovski Crystal

Cayenne definitely brings in a bright hyacinth orange red color for fiery energy. A mix of Hyacinth and Hyacinth AB Swarovski crystals are a superb choice for keeping the vibrancy.


Hyacinth Austrian Swarovski Crystal

Violet Tulip has a soft lilac appeal which gives a Victorian effect.   Violet, Light Amethyst and even adding in Lilac or Tanzanite crystals depending on the shade can be beautiful fun choices for your bridesmaid accessories.


Violet Austrian Swarovski Crystal

Placid Blue has just enough color to give a soft dreamy romantic effect.  Lavender and Light Azore can be fun crystals to use as an accent color.


Lavender Austrian Swarovski Crystal

Freesia yellow gives a super bright shock of yellow juts like the flower.   There are many shades of yellow Swarovski crystals to choose from.  You could choose Light Topaz or go with Jonquil AB for a light soft yellow contrast.


Light Topaz Austrian Swarovski Crystal

Paloma is a grey neutral tone that you can add contrast colors for a pop!  Black Diamond is a medium grey crystal and goes well with this olor.  Try adding a bolder color with these crystals such as Jet black to create a stunning effect.


Black Diamond Austrian Swarovski Crystal

Sand offers a nice array of soft beige tones. Adding golden and brown tones is stunning. Golden Shadow and Silk crystals have been used to create a dream soft pallet of color.


Golden Shadow (Champagne) Austrian Swarovski Crystal

What an amazing array of colors to choose from that are spicy, romantic, classic and modern.  When choosing your bridesmaid jewelry, think about whether you wish to match , compliment or contrast with your bridal party dress color to create a stunning look for your dearest girlfriends.  Having custom bridesmaid jewelry is affordable and is a wonderful keepsake!

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