Bridesmaid Jewelry Wedding Color Trends for 2009

by Judith Cartier Oliver on March 22, 2009

Choosing your colors for your bridesmaid jewelry can be easy as pie.  Every year there are new color trends for weddings.  Some color palettes are very popular and have continued to be favorites over the past few years and this year there are bold new colors for those who want to add a splash of vibrant color to their wedding theme colors. The new colors open up new possibilities for new bridesmaid jewelry color combinations.  I am already seeing vibrant color combinations with red and pink, greens and lavender , turquoise and red and shades of orange. I am all about color, so creating with new color combinations makes the me, the Looney Maiden a very happy girl!

Deep Mocha and Espresso browns have been extremely popular the last 3 years and mixing a sash or trim color as an accent can be quite stunning.  Sash colors can range from a lovely champagne or light beige to light pink or soft baby blue accents.  This type of color combination gives a very rich and dramatic look. Another plus is that the deep brown tones are a color everyone can wear easily with different skin tones.    image

For bridesmaid jewelry, you can go two different ways.  If your girls are wearing the deep brown as their base dress color, then using that dark brown with an accent of their sash or your wedding color can create quite striking jewelry. For example, if your bridesmaid is wearing a Mocha dress with a champagne sash, you could choose to go with Deep Brown or even Maroon Pearls and add in Bronze pearls as the accent color.


You could also choose to have their bridesmaid jewelry created in all Golden Shadow champagne crystals to set off the dress. teardropset Their bridesmaid jewelry not only sets off the dress creating a framing but is also a lovely neutral color that they can easily wear again.  I love this crystal color. I always describe it as picture yourself looking through a shimmering glass of champagne and that is the color.  The color can almost make you feel giddy!

Here is one more twist of using a lighter Powdered Almond or Bronze pearl color and add in the deeper brown for the crystal .  This color combination for their jewelry allows the dress color to be the accent and the pearl color to bring in the sash color. This is a good example of three very different looks with the same dress. All in all, there is no right or wrong. Rather, choosing the bridesmaid jewelry to represent you and your girls styles is the most important.

Newer color trends coming to the bridesmaid fashion scene are very vibrant ranging from Fuchsia to Kelly Green to vibrant orange.  Pinks are are ranging from a light baby pink to almost a hot pink.Necklace and Earring Set Swarovski Crystal - Sterling SilverIn this photo you can see how using the Rose pink crystal with an accent of Light Rose crystal can be a perfect accent to a Fuchsia or the light pink dresses. I really recommend that your bridesmaid jewelry stay in simple tones.  What I mean by simple tones is that you choose the base color of the dress and add in a shade lighter of crystal.  The makes color matching so much easier and the reality is that the jewelry can be worn with other outfits easily.  Say you have a Hot pink dress with a lime green ash.  Those two colors together can look smashing however taking those tow colors into the bridesmaid jewelry can actually clash. With this example I would suggest choosing one or the other color.  Meaning have their necklace crated in all Peridot green crystal or all Rose crystal.  We can add in the aurora borealis versions of the crystals to create more sparkle and color.  By choosing one color you are able to create beautiful lines with the dress.  And after all, you really want your bridesmaids to wear their special jewelry again. 

So now that you have become a pro at picking colors, here are some suggestions of crystal colors for the new color trends for bridesmaid jewelry. For red and pink combinations try Ruby or Ruby Ab crystals with Rose crystals. For Mint or Lettuce greens, choose Chrysolite crystals and use the aurora borealis version of that color for the accent crystal.  For yellows, consider using the light yellow crystal color called jonquil to create a more neutral tone.  For light blues, I always recommend the Light Sapphire as the perfect color.  It is soft and sweet. For the Sapphire dresses, use the Sapphire or Dark Sapphire crystal. image For orange and red, choose the Light Siam crystal which has an orange undertone and perhaps add in Sun crystals as the accent color.  For orange, the Sun crystal is perfect for dresses that are more tangerine and the hyacinth is better for the extremely vibrant orange.  Try the AB version of the Hyacinth to create more sparkle. For light turquoise the Aqua crystal works well. Try this crystal with the Light Azore for that slightly light turquoise look.  For deeper turquoise that is almost teal in color, the Blue Zircon is very beautiful and can accent the dress well.  Sometimes we have mixed the Blue Zircon and the Aqua or Light Azore together to create a little more texture to the colors. Lastly, another color that has become popular are the gray tones.  Using a silver pearl with black diamond crystal accents or a gray pearl with the silver crystal cal can be a perfect neutral bridesmaid jewelry combination to accent the dresses. Promise you will have some fun now as you think about just the prefect colors for your bridesmaid jewelry!

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