Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Flower Bouquet

by Judith Cartier Oliver on April 21, 2010

Choosing your wedding flower bouquet can be just as important as choosing your wedding gown and your bridal jewelry and accessories. Each one adds to create what I call the “whole picture”.  My meaning by the whole picture is that there is noting more beautiful than having all of your wedding accessories look like they were created to all go together.


Look at the beautiful blends of colors in the bridesmaid bouquet which captured the wedding colors.  This bride stayed with an elegant yet simple look to her cascading bouquet which was a perfect accent with her classically elegant wedding gown, veil and wedding jewelry and accessories.

Me & Lindsaywedding

In this wedding day photo, the bride chose a blush tone for her rose bouquet and stayed with the same bouquet style for her bridesmaids and added in her wedding color to their bouquet. Her wedding gown and jewelry was feminine and romantic which the roses added the perfect touch.


Here’s another twist using beautiful Swarovski Crystal bouquets. This bride chose to use Sapphire and Clear crystal bouquets not only for herself but also for her bridesmaids creating a stunning look!  Of course her bouquet was twice the size, after all she was the bride.  I really love this look as she was able to bring in the crystal colors into her bridesmaid jewelry sets to create a picture perfect day.

All in all, choosing your wedding flower bouquet should be a joyous event. Think about what flowers touch your heart when you see them in the store or out in nature and then choose to incorporate your favorites into your own wedding bouquet or your bridesmaids bouquet. This will add to the happiness you feel about your wedding day and your future with your special love.

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