Clip on Bridal Earrings -Chandelier and Drop styles to die for!

by Judith Cartier Oliver on September 1, 2010

Clip on Bridal Earrings can sometimes be one of the hardest wedding accessories to find especially in Chandelier and Drop styles.  Gone are the days when the only clips available were studs that would pinch your ears to the point of redness or a headache!  There are several options available that not only will be comfortable but will look beautiful in your wedding photographs. I receive so many calls about clip on earrings and brides are so happy to have finally found fashion forward styles of wedding earrings available in clips!


It is so perfect is to have your earrings match your custom wedding jewelry and have it be affordable at the same time.. This can easily be done by finding a jewelry designer who has designs that are custom created to match each other. The beautiful Swarovski crystal and pearl cluster chandelier earrings are a great example of finding beautiful clip on bridal earrings without having to have your ears pierced!


Whether you want long style Swarovski crystal drop earrings as seen in the photo above or a shorter style Pearl drop earring as seen in the photo below, the important part is that you can choose your style and colors.


In the style above and below the clip on is sterling silver with adjustable screw back tension in the back.  As you can see the ear wire looks like a little ball post.  These are very comfortable and I know I have worn a pair of these wedding earrings all day and forgot I had them on!


The clips below used for these crystal chandelier earrings come with two adjustments for comfort. These have been the original clip styles used for over 10 years and brides have been so pleased with the comfort and security of these.  There is a screw back and also a dual tension within the ear wires that offers just the right amount of flexibility too get just the right fit.


Take a little time and peruse the all of the wedding jewelry designs to find just the right accessories that will match your wedding gown and your own personal style. Every pair of earrings can have a clip on chosen for the ear wire choice so you truly can have fun choosing your style, pearl and crystal colors and then add in those clip on ear wires. So now you can easily have Clip on Bridal Earrings to die for!

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