Colorful Custom Bridal Jewelry add a splash of color to your wedding day look

by Judith Cartier Oliver on September 1, 2011

Adding colors to one’s custom Bridal Jewelry is a frequent request I receive as more and more brides are choosing to add a splash of their wedding day or accent color to their jewelry accessories. You can choose to be bold with lots of color or use color as an accent to your jewels.


Above is a lovely example of adding in the bridal party’s dress color which was David’s Bridal Clover.  A beautiful light emerald green crystal added just the right amount of color to this bridal jewelry set special. This bride also had a sash on her wedding gown in the clover color so she wanted to bring the colors all together. I am anxious to see the pictures from her wedding.


Go bold with reds! Whether you have a red sash on your wedding gown or your bridal party is in David’s bridal Apple or Alfred Angelo’s Claret dress colors, you can add color to your wedding day jewelry and make a statement.


You may also choose to add your color into one wedding jewelry item such as your bracelet. Many brides choose to do this as they prefer to have their necklace and earrings in classic Clear Swarovski crystal for their portrait pictures and yet add the fun factor of the color to their whole look.


Add color to your wedding day hair accessories by adding colors to your Swarovski crystal hairpins, headbands or barrette.  You can easily wear classic bridal jewelry and add in your splash of color to your hairstyle.


Bridal tiara hair combs can be another fun way of adding in color and be picture beautiful with your matching wedding day jewelry. You can easily create your own unique look that says this is me!


Many brides choose to add in softer colors such as the example above.  Perhaps you have some blush pink embellishments on your gown.  This is a wonderful way to add in colors that match the beautiful accents and create a wonderful portrait.

Hopefully I have inspired you with dome great ideas of how to add colors in.  Finding a jewelry designer who can hear your vision, guide you and create your perfect jewelry is key.  Adding colors into your custom bridal jewelry designs can create a wedding day look that everyone says “that’s so her, she looks so beautiful”.

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