Crystal Bridal Jewelry – Jewelry Style ideas for summer 2009 weddings

by Judith Cartier Oliver on April 26, 2009

Crystal bridal jewelry is always a popular wedding jewelry accessory to add to your bridal ensemble.  P1011694   Adding crystal wedding jewelry is a perfect way to add in that extra touch of femininity that we don’t always get to do on a regular daily life basis.  I have many a bride visit my showroom here in Seattle and I love the look on their face when they first walk in and see all of the sparkles.  Appointments at my showroom are what I call play time meaning it is all about the girl and we spend time trying on crystal bridal jewelry necklace, bracelets and earrings in search of the perfect bridal jewelry set. 

Swarovski crystal bridal jewelry always makes perfect wedding accessories.  Not only is Swarovski the finest crystal manufacturer, but it is truly a delighted to create beautiful custom wedding jewelry sets.  How could they not be beautiful?  The trends this year with beading continue along the lines of Clear crystals, some ire=iridescent beading and silver sequin crystals. Bridal jewelry necklace styles can range from crystal Y style necklaces, round style single and multi strand neckalces to crystal back drop lariats.

I can share that most of the crystal bridal jewelry is created in Classic Clear Swarovski crystals. P1011148 Most wedding gown designers tend to use Clear crystal beading on their dresses so this is a perfect match. bracelet-101606-01 Some designers will use the Clear aurora borealis crystals or iridescent sequins which have the rainbow sparkle and then adding Clear AB into the bridal jewelry is a perfect compline.  You can easily see the crystal bracelet in the top picture is in all Clear crystals and the crystal bracelet in the picture to the right is in Clear Ab.  There is quite a difference in the look.  Many times a bride will want a little more sparkle than the soft sparkle of an all Clear crystal bracelet, I suggest that we blend in some of the Clear AB small crystals to give a little added sparkle but not too much rainbow effect.  Crystal bracelets can be single strand for a lighter effect to 3 and 5 strands which give a more dramatic look. I always recommend adding in a bracelet to bring your entire bridal jewelry set together to give a finished look.

Another way to achieve a little more sparkle in your bridal jewelry set is to use the newer Crystal Moonlight satin crystal in your bridalset-090419-10wedding jewelry design.   You can easily see in the picture to the right of a bridal crystal necklace and crystal drop earring wedding jewelry set that there is an extra shimmer from the crystals.  If you wish to have just a tad of extra sparkle then I always recommend that i use the Classic Clear for the larger crystals and the Crystal Moonlight for the small accent crystals.  I just love this crystal as it give off this satiny icy sparkle. choker-1883 

Crystal wedding jewelry can be delicate and simple as you see in the crystal bridal jewelry set to the right.  This jewelry set style is perfect when you have a lot of beading on your bodice and you want to add just a tad of sparkle to blend your entire wedding day look.

The crystal wedding jewelry choker necklace to the right is on the opposite end of the spectrum and is perfect when you want your crystal bridal jewelry to stand out and let you feel like a beautiful princess on your wedding day. This crystal choker is wonderful with strapless gowns that have a light amount of crystal beading or no beading at all.  The choker is a perfect example to show you a blend of Clear and Clear Ab crystals in the design.  You can easily see there is more sparkle but it is also not too overwhelming.  lariat-033107-01

The crystal bridal lariat necklace to the left is another great example of a bridal jewelry piece that is created in all Clear crystals.  The added Rhinestone Rondelles are a [perfect accent for bring in a sparkle diamond look and this can compliment wedding dresses that have silver sparkle accents.  You will be amazed how that added touch of Rhinestone crystals will perfectly compliment the clear and silver beading.  The double tassel drop style down the back gives that added sexy touch to your crystal wedding jewelry.

Alas the dramatic crystal chandelier bridal earrings continue to be very popular and are a  perfect compliment with a multi strand crystal bracelet and an open neckline.  earrings-020107-02 Sometimes a simpler long drop style crystal earring can be quite elegant with a nice Y drop style crystal necklace.  If you are wearing a crystal choker necklace then I recommend staying with a straight line crystal drop earring. This creates a perfect balance for your bridal jewelry.  With a single strand necklace you can add in long crystal drop earrings or a chandelier earring to provide more sparkle and texture.  Above all trust yourself in choosing earrings that you feel best reflects who you are and your own personal style.  I always like to tell my brides to stay true to their own individual style of what they will feel comfortable wearing and then step it up a notch for just a little more dramatic look.  After all, we don’t get married everyday!  No matter what crystal earring style you choose, you will surely wear your  beautiful crystal earrings again with your bridal jewelry.

Hopefully some of these ideas around creating your perfect crystal bridal jewelry sets will get you started in thinking about what type of wedding day look you want to achieve as well as the type of crystals and wedding jewelry styles are your favorites.  Choosing your bridal jewelry accessories should be just as exciting as when you chose your dress. These are the two items that are all about us! 

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