Amazing Crystal Bridesmaid Jewelry

by Judith Cartier Oliver on March 11, 2009

Choosing crystal bridesmaid jewelry is fun and exciting. As you know, I am all about the sparkle and I love seeing everyone’s eyes light up when they open up their crystal jewelry gifts.  That sparkle and prettiness we feel when we wear crystal jewelry is a secret part of our womanhood. I have been creating bridal and bridesmaid jewelry designs in Swarovski crystals for over 16 years, long before Swarovski crystal even become widely known here in the U.S. I love the absolute quality that you find with Swarovski crystals and I always have said, “how can your jewelry not be beautiful with these crystals?”  There are many countries who also make beautiful crystals however I feel you can’t even compare them with Swarovski.  So now you know some of my background and commitment to creating beautiful jewelry with quality materials.

From the beginning of opening my business,  I have always offered my customers a choice of colors and designs for you to choose from  so that your custom crystal bridesmaid jewelry is a unique and personal gift for your girls. I always hope that you have as much fun choosing your colors as I do every day creating your bridal and bridesmaid jewelry.  Recently, I had a bride who ordered crystal bridesmaid bracelet and earring sets for her 5 bridesmaids.  Each bridesmaid was wearing a different color dress and she was trying to figure out how she would ever find the right jewelry to go with each dress. P1012314 Needless to say, she decided to go online and search for crystal bridesmaid jewelry sets and henceforth found the Looney Maiden website.  She chose her colors for her sets and when I was looking her order I thought, “wow, she has chosen some really beautiful combinations!”   I must say it was quite a delight to create the bridesmaid sets especially since she chose all of the colors in the Aurora Borealis version of the crystal colors which are my favorite crystals. About a week later I received a call from her and she was so pleased with her sets she was so in love with the bridesmaid sets that they  didn’t seem complete without the matching crystal bridesmaid necklace.   I complimented her on her choice of crystal color combinations and I must admit her response was so cute.  She told me that she looked through my site and saw how I create jewelry with combinations of a main color complimented with a shade light crystal and so she chose her main color to match each girls bridesmaid dress and then went a shade lighter on the color chart. I was so delighted to hear this as from the early beginnings of my website I have striven to create a user friendly website that inspires my customers to be creative with all of the crystal colors and designs and that offers the personal touch and feel of the special handcrafted nature of my bridal and bridesmaid jewelry.  This was a really fun day and the best part is that she felt incredibly inspired and creative. She was part of the process of the design. What a beautiful way to present your crystal bridesmaid jewelry sets to your special girlfriends and tell them the story of how they were created. These are those moments in life where we feel that depth of our loving friendship truly in our heart.

So thank you for bearing with me on my special crystal bridesmaid jewelry story. There are some days I feel compelled to share these stories as each one is precious and enriches my life too.  So choosing crystal colors?  Now you know it can be easy and fun.  I will expand more in the future on some do’s and don’ts for choosing crystal colors for your bridesmaid jewelry. Trust me there are a lot of do’s that make it fun and exciting and just a few don’ts but well worth knowing. I hope to have inspired all of you about perhaps choosing crystal bridesmaid jewelry as one of your gifts!

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