Crystal Bridesmaid Jewelry Ideas to match Alfred Angelo Bridal Party Dress colors

by Judith Cartier Oliver on August 2, 2011

Yes, you can find the perfect crystal bridesmaid jewelry to match your Alfred Angelo bridal party dress colors on the internet.  If anything, I can imagine you have been searching high and low in stores to find the right color and enough matching sets for your bridesmaids to no avail. Your story is shared by many brides who have been in the same situation but help is on the way!


The great news is you can have bridesmaid jewelry sets created to match your gowns!  Not only can they be handcrafted to order, but these bridal party gifts can  be beautiful, affordable and a wonderful memento of your special day.


Alfred Angelo offers over 55 beautiful fabric colors to choose from for your wedding day colors.  Here is a list of some of the most popular colors with corresponding Swarovski crystal color chart ideas based on their Satin fabrics.

  • Espresso – Smoked Topaz
  • Sunshine – Jonquil
  • Burnt Orange – Padparadascha
  • Claret – Siam
  • Lipstick – Indian Pink
  • Wine – Ruby
  • Victorian Lilac – Tanzanite
  • Eggplant – Purple Velvet
  • Grape – Amethyst
  • Tea Rose – Rosaline
  • Fuchsia – Fuchsia
  • Clover – Erinite
  • Hunter – Emerald or Tourmaline
  • Jade – Blue Zircon
  • Pool – Aqua
  • Indigo – Sapphire Satin
  • Cobalt – Sapphire or Cobalt
  • Navy – Dark Sapphire
  • Charcoal – Black Diamond

Most of these Swarovski Crystal colors are also available in the Aurora Borealis (AB) version which gives a slight rainbow sparkle on one side of the crystal.  It can be very pretty to choose the small crystals to have the AB and the large crystals to be the classic color.

Keep in mind that if your bridesmaid dress fabrics are in Chiffon, Crepe or Organza, then the hues will be lighter so you may need to choose a lighter version of these colors.  It is always best to contact your designer directly for their input and suggestions.  Every day I help brides choose matching or complimentary colors for their gowns so they have just the right look. 

I hope this helps inspire you in choosing the perfect crystal bridesmaid jewelry to match your Alfred Angelo dresses for your bridal party.

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