Crystal Bridesmaid Jewelry – New Set Specials

by Judith Cartier Oliver on April 20, 2009

As we are approaching summer weddings, choosing bridesmaid jewelry sets can be the perfect way to add that final touch and it can be quite affordable! bridalset-090419-07 You will want to take a look at all of the new Bridesmaid jewelry set specials I have created with many new wedding jewelry styles and materials to choose from.

To the right you will see a wonderful new bridesmaid jewelry set created with Swarovski crystal and sterling silver.  The lovely tassel drop necklace is wonderful with strapless and v neck bridesmaid dresses.  So here is the great part.  This wedding jewelry set usually retails for $60 however with the set special it is available for under $45 and you get to choose your crystal colors to add that final unique touch to your bridal party jewelry gift.  I will share this set has made a perfect bridal jewelry set too created in all Clear crystals and accented with a beautiful sterling silver lace chain. bridalset-090419-11

With all of the tulips and daffodils out right now where I live, I am needing to share pictures of vibrant colorful jewelry sets as color makes me happy!  So here is another great bridesmaid jewelry set which retails for $45 and is available on the bridal party jewelry set special for under $35. As pictured this set is perfect for Apple red dresses.  The bridesmaid necklace and crystal earrings are created with Siam and Light Siam red to bring a subtle two tone effect of color. This crystal necklace is pretty in all one color or two colors so choose what fancies you. bridalset-090419-08

Now for the budget conscious, this crystal bridesmaid pendant jewelry set has a lovely crystal pendant with matching crystal bridesmaid earrings.  Now, this jewelry set usually retails for $40 and is available for under $30.  There are also other bridesmaid jewelry sets styles available . These crystal jewelry sets are not only perfect for the budget but are truly bridal party gifts that are able to easily be worn again. The bridesmaid jewelry set to the right is created with Smoky Topaz crystals and Golden Shadow champagne crystals and are a perfect compliment to Chocolate brown dresses with champagne sashes.

As you think about the type of bridesmaid jewelry you wish to choose for their gift, I always encourage you to think about what type of jewelry styles your bridal party usually wears and what colors would be wearable again. Now I hope you will have some fun looking around at all of the new wedding jewelry set specials on the website.  You will be able to tell I have been working hard to create and bring you fun and youthful bridesmaid jewelry styles.

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