Crystal Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets – Bridal party gifts to make them sparkle with Swarovski Crystals.

by Judith Cartier Oliver on November 20, 2009

Crystal Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets continue to be a popular choice as bridal party gifts. The never ending new colors that Swarovski offers makes it easy to choose the perfect jewelry gift for your girls.  What is really wonderful is that Swarovski crystal bridesmaid necklace, earrings and bracelets can be worn for many years to come.  The crystals do not loose their brilliance, henceforth why Swarovski is in my opinion the leading crystal manufacturer. I have vintage Swarovski crystals from over 50 years ago that are as beautiful as new!


I always live seeing new color combinations created for just the perfect crystal bridesmaid jewelry sets. Having your bridal party jewelry handcrafted means you get to choose the style of bridesmaid jewelry you want and then choose the color combinations you want from the Swarovski crystal color chart. Your girl friends will be so amazed and sincerely delighted to receive their special bridesmaid gifts.

Crystal bridesmaid jewelry sets do not have to break the bank.  They are actually very affordable especially if you are working with an artist directly. There are necklace and earring set specials that start at $28  so you can easily choose a  necklace, earring or bracelet set to fit your budget range. This also allows you to order exactly what you want for their gift.

I recommend purchasing Swarovski jewelry gifts created in pure 925 sterling silver and not silver plated or base metals as these show wear very quickly. You want their special wedding jewelry to last a long time and I think you will find the cost difference is quite small. 

Adding in crystal accessories to make your bridesmaid sparkle is just too precious. When you give them their gift, watch their eyes light up and sparkle.  Yes, that is the magic of Swarovski crystal jewelry!

Every day I receive emails from bride’s who are so thrilled with their bridesmaids gifts.  What I hear most often is “ I had no idea the jewelry would be of such high quality for this price” or “ I am so happy I purchased my bridesmaids quality jewelry that I know they will want to wear again.”  Yes, that tickles me as I know that their bridesmaids are going to feel ecstatic about their bridal party gift and every time they wear their crystal bridesmaid jewelry sets, they are going to smile and think of you!

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