Bridesmaid Jewelry for Alfred Angelo Dress Colors 2013

by Judith Cartier Oliver on July 15, 2013

You can easily find custom Bridesmaid Jewelry  for your Alfred Angelo dress colors.  Did you know you can have custom jewelry created to match that is high quality and affordable?  Alfred Angelo is one of my favorite companies for providing  a wide range of fabric colors and dress styles.  Each year they add new colors which always delights me to say the least!  What’s even better is that Swarovski Crystal always adds new colors each year to keep up with the new color trends.  

Here are some color ideas to match the top color trends for 2013 for their Dream in Color collection.  Alfred Angelo offers a wonderful variety of colors!  You can order their swatch card to easily have fabric samples too!  The colors listed are for genuine Swarovski crystal colors.  There are so many combinations to choose from so be creative.


Viola –  Purple Velvet and Lilac  are a pretty combination for this unique color. You can always choose all Clear AB for a beautiful rainbow effect.

Eggplant – Purple Velvet is exact match. You can add Tanzanite , Crystal Cal, Provence Lavender for a complimentary color.


Fuchsia – I love blending Fuchsia and Rose together

Pomegranate – Indian Pink and Indian Pink Ab are perfect for this rich color.


Cobalt – There is a Cobalt crystal available upon special order that matches this color.  You can also choose Dark Sapphire which is a navy color and add cobalt accents. 

Pool – A mix of Aqua and Aqua AB has been a perfect color combination.  There is a new color available by request called Light Turquoise which is a slight shade darker that is beautiful with this color too.


Jade – The perfect crystal color is Blue Zircon and you can mix Indicolite as an accent color to give a slightly more teal effect.

Shamrock – This green color requires an accent color for it.  The closest green that will compliment is called Light Emerald which is available upon request.  You can also choose a neutral Clear Ab for fun sparkle.


Coral – I have mixed Light Rose Ab with the new crystal color Rose Peach which is beautiful and brings in the tone of the color.  Indian Pink is also an option to mix with the Light rose for a stronger orange pink effect.

Tangelo – Such a beautiful color like a creamsicle.  I have found the Sun crystal to be fantastic if you want that shock of orange.  Light Peach Ab is a nice accent color. Fire Opal has also been fun for a contrast effect.


Loves First Blush  – Rosaline is a beautiful matching choice for this soft blush color.

Tea Rose – Light Rose or Rosaline are beautiful soft pinks for this feminine color.


Pistachio – Chrysolite is a very pale green with a slight blue undertone and the Peridot is a slight apple green with a yellow undertone.  Either can go with this color so it really depends on your personal choice.  The two crystal colors have also been mixed together for a bold effect.

Sunshine – The Jonquil AB is my first choice for a light pale yellow accent crystal . If you wish the yellow to be deeper in color I would suggest the Light Topaz.


Cherry – This vibrant red is fun and the Light Siam or Light Siam AB are fantastic matched for this color.

Berry – Ruby and Amethyst are a great color combination.  The Ruby or Ruby Ab is slightly more brighter than the fabric color but a beautiful rich choice of color.

I hope I have inspired you with color choices and ideas on how to mix crystal colors to create your own unique effect.  Think about the look you want for your special bridesmaids.  Do you want to bring in your wedding theme colors?  Do you want to have their dress color pop out and have their jewelry in more neutral complimentary tones?

You are ready to choose beautiful bridesmaid jewelry sets to match your Alfred Angelo dresses. This is a fun experience and is a lovely personalized wedding jewelry gift for them. 

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