Crystal Bridesmaid Jewelry to match David’s Bridal Bridesmaid Dress colors

by Judith Cartier Oliver on April 19, 2010

Here are some great color ideas for matching your bridesmaid jewelry to David’s Bridal bridesmaid dress colors. It can be fun to start off with your base color and then add a contrast color to your jewelry such as one of the wedding colors or one of the accessory colors. Most important is choosing when you start choosing your colors from the crystal color chart that are the correct hue for the fabric. For example, red colors can have a blue or orange undertone. If the fabric has a blue undertone then going with Siam or Garnet crystals is best.  If it has an orange undertone then the Light Siam is perfect and so on.

  • Apple – Best crystal color is Siam which is a medium to deep red. Try adding a another contrast red color to your jewelry such as the Garnet or Light Siam.
  • Lapis – Purple Velvet is the perfect match to this rich color. Try using Tanzanite Ab or Violet Ab for a contrast purple accent.
  • Victorian Lilac – Light Tanzanite and the new Provence Lavender crystal are great matches. For contrast use Tanzanite or Purple Velvet.
  • Pool – best color is truly the Aqua or Aqua AB.  This color is slightly lighter but is in the same hue as the fabric.  You can mix the Light Azore or Light Sapphire Ab (if you want a little more blue in the jewelry). 
  • Peach – The Light Peach or Silk are both beautiful with this color and are slightly lighter than the fabric color.  You can also choose to mix them both together.
  • Marine – Dark Sapphire or Sapphire Satin are perfect for this almost Navy color. Try adding in silver crystal cal crystals for a slightly sparkle effect.
  • Banana – my favorite is the Jonquil or Jonquil AB as it is a lovely soft light yellow and can be worn by most.
  • Mocha – Smoky Topaz is a great crystal to use with this color and many time using a contrast color such as Light Smoked Topaz or Light Colorado Topaz can be fun.  The Golden Shadow Champagne crystal c9lro is also lovely.
  • Tangerine – Sun crystals look just like the color of oranges and the Light Peach AB is also a great accent for this color.
  • Watermelon – Rose or Fuchsia are the best for this vibrant pink color. You can mix them together or use a lighter accent crystal to have the pink really pop out.
  • Pewter – Black Diamond is a light grey crystal. Try adding another color such as Jet or Crystal cal to give a different look.
  • Cornflower – The Light Sapphire AB tends to be the best color for this beautiful blue.

I hope this helps get you started on feeling creative with choosing your custom bridal party jewelry.  My rule of thumb is you don’t necessarily have to match exactly. Sometimes it can be more interesting to have an accent color to wear with your bridesmaid dress. You can easily look at lots of color combinations for bridesmaid jewelry sets to inspire you with new ideas and always feel free to contact the jewelry designer who is creating your jewelry sets or mail a piece of your David’s Bridal color swatch to your designer to color match. Hope this helps provide you some great ideas for your perfect bridesmaid jewelry!

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