Dark Navy Midnight Blue Wedding Theme Accessories and Bridal Jewelry Ideas for 2013

by Judith Cartier Oliver on May 6, 2013

Classic dark navy blue or midnight blue has reemerged this year in force for 2013 wedding themes.  Not that the color ever went out of style, but the choices and offerings this year are plentiful for coordinating bridesmaid dresses, wedding décor and more.   Although you can certainly mix a multitude of colors with dark blues, the most popular mix and one of my favorites is combining silver, grey and platinum’s as accent colors.  This combination gives  a classic sharp look to your wedding day.


Ties in your navy color theme with a sash for your wedding gown.  There are many Navy Gowns as well as gowns with beautiful navy accents to tie in your theme.  You can add a special dark blue navy wedding cake with your accent color.


Think about your flowers , accessories and your wedding cake.  I love the glamour of this cake.  It looks like it is covered in crystals for a starlight look.  Perfect for an evening wedding.


Create a gorgeous décor with a midnight starlight theme in a soft palette of blues , silver and starlight effects..  Add in mirror top tables and blue crystal vases for extra sparkle.


I love the look of adding in silver, grey and lavender blue flowers and décor for a soft elegant look.

For your flowers, add in an accent color to your blue flowers to give that extra pop.


Add blue into your wedding hair accessories such as your bridal tiara,  hair combs or Swarovski crystal headband and bridal jewelry set.

Tiara Swarovski Crystal -Swarovski Pearls-Silver WireHeadband Swarovski Crystal -Silver Wire

Adorn your bridesmaids jewelry sets with dark sapphire crystals created custom as a keepsake gift for your special girl friends .   Add the accent color to their design for a truly custom look.

Bracelet and Earrings Set Swarovski Crystal - Sterling SilverNecklace Swarovski Crystal - Sterling Silver

There are so many other accessories to choose from including pillows with navy adornments and even navy shoes to match!


Dark Blues and midnight blues offer a perfect palette for adding color.  Add orange, yellows, purples and more in creating your unique wedding day look.  The combinations are endless!

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