Selecting Discount Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets

by Judith Cartier Oliver on August 2, 2009

How to read between the lines of discount offers and find your perfect bridesmaid gift that fits in your wedding day budget.

Every day I am asked about discount specials on Looney Maiden bridesmaid jewelry sets specials when one is ordering multiple necklace, bracelet and earring jewelry sets for their bridal party gift.  Now first I need to preface, I am a total Internet bargain shopper and try to find the best quality for the best price on the Internet and if I can find free shipping that is a major bonus too!  It has been nearly 18 years since I first started my Looney Maiden Bridal Jewelry bridal ,bridesmaid and flower girl handcrafted and customized jewelry business. I can say that even though the way we purchase as consumer has changed dramatically with Internet store availability.

I am hoping the following ideas and information will make it easier to search for the perfect bridesmaid  and wedding day jewelry.  I am sure you might share some of my sentiments when searching for just the right product.  Sometimes I may find the product I like at a less expensive price but then by the time I go to checkout the shipping fees are so high that I can be paying more for the item. The opposite can be true meaning I have found an item that I can receive free shipping but the item is more expensive than other web site that may offer the product with a shipping fee.  There are days that I feel like I have been engaging in a juggling act or may have had to do a few too many cart wheels!

When I first find a web site and the product I am looking for, I immediately check out about the company information. Personally, I want to purchase from a company that provides a contact phone number for their customer service, and not a phone number that has an answering service.  Keeping that personal touch is incredibly important and I love finding web sites that offer a real live person who answers the phone at the place of business who can answer my questions and guide me on their products.  My feeling is that I am going to receive better customer service from a company that I can actually contact directly. I avoid sales with companies that the only way to reach them is via email. That is not to say they are not good companies, it is just more my personal preference that I be able to contact them.  I love the fact that every day when customers call they are pleasantly surprised when I answer.  If I could only count how many times a customer has said “oh my goodness, I can’t believe I reached a real person.” Being able to reach the company instills confidence in purchasing.

So here you are searching for just the right bridesmaid necklace and earring sets that you like for the right price for your wedding day budget. You may find a site that offers 10% off if your purchase multiple sets of same style necklaces and earrings and free shipping with a minimum order amount and perhaps another web site may offer jewelry set specials that have an even deeper discount however you may need to pay for shipping. For example, on the Looney Maiden web site, there are bridesmaid jewelry set specials offered at a discount of 15-20% off their regular retail price and you receive free shipping which can be quite a cost savings. There are many a jewelry web site and with a little diligence you will be able to find just what you were looking for.  It really is like comparison shopping at the mall or downtown except you don’t have to walk a million miles. Of course I am not encouraging you not to walk, however you can save your walking for true pleasure.

I would like to share an example below of a  pearl and crystal bridesmaid jewelry set special that regularly retails for $55.00 and is offered for $39.50 without a minimum purchase and free shipping to boot! All of the sudden not only have you saved nearly $15.00 per set but also $10 to $20 in potential shipping fees.  I think now you can see my point.


My personal philosophy is “keep life simple” and I was determined to keep that philosophy on the web site. My feeling is I want to receive my discount and free shipping right up front without having to jump through hoops trying to find and enter discount codes,trying to figure out if a free shipping deal will be coming up or wondering if there might be a sale next week or additional discount then. Life is too short!  I really love that customers can order just one bridesmaid jewelry set at the discounted price and not have the minimum. Then they can see their jewelry set item prior to then making their multiple item purchase and there is not a penalty for ordering this way. Boy, does this make it less stressful and I really love web sites that I can order stress free.

Long and short, this is the way I Internet shop.  Trust me, I do a lot of ordering on the Internet as I truly have no time to go shopping and have had to learn the art of finding just the right item for the right price!

  • I search for the item I am looking for and locate a number of web sites. Try to be as specific as you can be in your search.
  • Once I found a web site that offers the product I am looking for I immediately check out the company information and contact information. I want to know I can contact them directly. I personally like if I find that I can order online or by phone. My odds are greater that I will be able to receive good customer service. If only an email address is given for contacting, then I move along.
  • I then read the FAQ’s.  This is such a helpful section and in my mind sets the tone for the company and their customer service. You are usually able to find out about shipping costs in this section.  Sometimes you have to look at the bottom of the page to find a shipping link.
  • Ok,onto shopping,Yippee!  I really like to see detailed pictures of the product and descriptions. For example, are the metals silver plated or pure sterling silver. Is it just the ear wires that are sterling but the rest of the earring and necklace is base metal? What brand of crystals are being used? All of this is the next best thing to seeing it in person.
  • Once I have found what I want I add in all my items to the shopping cart and go to checkout. Make sure you are then on a secure site. You should see https: come up in your tool bar. If this does not come up and you still want to order from them, call them directly!

Ok, girl, you can do it! Reading between the lines can be made easier and I know you are going to find just the perfect bridesmaid gift for them!

That being said here are some more fun pictures to look at of bridesmaid jewelry sets specials that I would like to leave you with. Just want to give you a little color therapy for the eyes and ideas as you go on your venture finding the perfect bridal party gifts! It is right at your fingertips!


Here’s a fun crystal bridesmaid jewelry set shown in two colors of reds and perfect for Apple and Cranberry bridesmaid dresses for $34.50.


Aah, yes the pinks! Here is a wonderfully Rose and Light Rose crystal bridesmaid necklace and earring set perfect for pink dresses and wonderfully feminine for $39.50.


Here is a beautiful Fuchsia Crystal bridesmaid jewelry set special which can be perfect colors for Fuchsia and hot pink dresses for $64.50.


For all of you with Victorian Lilac and purple bridesmaid dresses, this bridesmaid jewelry set is a wonderful neutral combination for your girls.


This lovely crystal necklace and earring set is perfect with Bronze and Champagne dresses as well as Espresso and chocolate brown Bridesmaid dresses.

Of course you get to choose your colors for any of the sets so you are truly able to have their jewelry custom made for them choosing from a  Swarovski crystal color chart and Swarovski Pearl color chart.

I hope you have enjoyed a little color therapy and now you are ready to take on the task of finding just the right bridal party jewelry sets for your girls!

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