Elegant Classic Multi Strand Wedding Necklaces in Swarovski Crystal and Pearls

by Judith Cartier Oliver on January 22, 2012

Multi Strand wedding necklaces created with Swarovski crystals and pearls can be the perfect finishing touch to add to your strapless bridal gown. This is a beautiful way to add classic elegance and sophistication to your wedding day look.  In place of the traditional strung pearls, choosing a pearl and crystal blend gives a much more contemporary and vibrant look to your bridal jewelry.  You can even have custom wedding day jewelry affordably created to match your dress.


Once you have received your strapless gown, you may find yourself looking in the mirror and saying “oh my goodness, I feel a bit bare and I think I need to add some jewelry”. I have heard this so often over the years!  Some brides will say “I have too much real estate going on here.” That always makes me chuckle.  Whether you have beading on your dress or if your dress is classic with no added beading, it is easy to add in  accessories to create a flow from head to toe.


The multi strand necklace above is a close up of of the first picture to show you how you can easily add in a 3 strand pearl and crystal choker necklace and not have it look to chunky or heavy.  This style has a graduated style with how each strand lays. It looks similar to a floating pearl look with the crystals and sterling silver chain in between.  The jewelry gives enough weight to the look without taking away from the dress. Keep the length about an inch above the bodice to create a balanced look.

crystallariatphoto01 001

The choker style necklace in the picture above has strands are very close together which is another way of adding in 3 strands of pearls and crystals. The dress has a lot of beading and sparkle on it. Adding in a mix of pearls and crystals created the perfect accent. These styles look best when worn just above or slightly over the collar bones.

There are so many pearl and crystal necklace styles to choose from. Whether you choose all pearl, pearl and crystal or mainly crystals with light hints of pearls, the effect will be beautiful.  I always say the pearl color brings your fabric color into your jewelry, the crystals add movement and sparkle to your multi strand necklace creating beautiful wedding day photographs!

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