Flower Girl Hair Accessories to make her feel like a princess for your wedding day.

by Judith Cartier Oliver on July 19, 2009

Adding that touch of Flower Girl hair accessories is a perfect way for your little one to feel like a little princess and an important part of your wedding day.  There is nothing more precious than your little flower girl in her princess dress with her very own sparkly flower girl crystal mini tiara, hair comb, hairpins or barrette adding that sweet innocence to your day.  This gift will make her feel even more special and she will have a wonderful keepsake to remember the special honor you gave to her.

When choosing your flower girl hair accessories, you will want to think about how she will be wearing her hair that day.  More often than not, flower girl dresses tend to be chosen in the ivory or white and many times a splash of color is added with a sash or adornments on her dress.

A Swarovski crystal mini tiara comb can be added to hair styles that are partially or fully swept back.  The tiara hair comb can be placed at the crown of her head or even in the back above a barrette to give that finished look. Below is a sweet example of a flower girl mini tiara hair comb which you can choose your colors of pearls and crystals. For example, say she has a white dress with a baby pink sash, you could choose to use White pearls with Light Rose crystals and create a perfect coordinating accent.


Here is another example of a little fuller look to a flower girl tiara hair comb. The Carmel tiara hair comb can also be created in a smaller version if needed and is a great tiara comb to use when you want to create a small replica or your own tiara.


Adding flower girl side combs is another way to add in her beautiful little crystal accents.  You can use one or two hair combs depending on her hair style.  If she will have the sides pulled back you can choose to place a hair comb on each side to create a symmetrical look.  If she is only having one side of her hair pulled up then add in just one hair comb.  The side hair comb can also be used above a barrette or bobby pins if she is having part of her hair pulled to the back. You can choose to go with all one color or have a mix of colors.


Here are two examples of flower girl side hair combs. The Liane hair comb above is created in all one color. The Clear Aurora Borealis crystals as pictured is a clear crystal that has a rainbow sparkle coating and is a perfect neutral but sparkly addition to her accessories. The June hair comb below is a great example of having a custom side comb created with a spectrum of colors. This hair comb was created for one of my brides who wanted to have the colors of a Rose Garden in her flower girl hair combs. To view more hair comb ideas you can click here.


Flower girl hair pins can also be a fun addition.  You can use multiple hair pins either scattered or even placed together as a tiara. You can see in the picture below a set of three matching hairpins created with a delicate floral look.  The hairpins as pictured are in Light Cream rose pearls with a light pink Rosaline crystal. To view more crystal and pearl hair pins click here.


Bobby pins can also add in an easy hair ornament for any hairstyle.  These flower girl bobby pins are created to be a nice small adornment for your little one. The flower girl accessory set below is one of my most popular with all of the coordinating pieces to create a perfect little keepsake. You can click here to see an example of a crystal bobby pin too!


Crystal and pearl flower girl barrettes can also be the perfect accent for her hair.  The smaller barrettes can be used as side barrettes and the mid size barrette can be perfect for those who have really thick hair that is being pulled back. The barrette below is a mid size and gives you an idea of mixing colors. To view more barrette ideas click here.


Hopefully, the above information and ideas will help you in thinking about the perfect hair accessories for your flower girl. The most important thing to remember is to choose an accessory that you know will be easy and comfortable for her to wear all day and that you know she will feel beautiful wearing. After all, she is aspiring even at her young age to have a beautiful wedding day just like yours when she gets older.  That is part of the fairy tale that we all grew up with and want to experience  You can view all of the Looney Maiden hair accessories and happy looking. Once again I hope I am inspiring everyone to be creative!

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