Flower Girl Jewelry and Accessories

by Judith Cartier Oliver on April 8, 2009

As we are approaching wedding season I am noticing more inquiries about custom flower girl jewelry.  Flower girl accessories can be one of the sweetest gifts they will receive in those early years.  Think of the first jewelry piece you received and carefully placed in your little jewelry box. Although I did not have the opportunity to be a flower girl, I remember the first piece of jewelry I received was from my grandmother for my fifth birthday and it was strand of  5 pearls.  Each year a pearl was added on for my birthday and the idea was that by the time I was 16 years that I would then have a full strand pearl necklace.  I have a little red velvet bag that I stored it in and wore it for special occasion.  I felt like a princess every time I wore them. Flower girl jewelry can have that special meaning and when I first started my flower girl jewelry and accessory line I made a commitment to create their jewelry in the same quality as the adult girls.  This meant fine metals, genuine Swarovski crystal and pearls and sturdy clasps.The flower girl necklaces and flower girl bracelets needed to have adjustability so they can continue to wear them as they grow up. I also knew the designs needed to be age appropriate.

Flower girl jewelry and accessories does not need to be overly expensive.  P1011948 I decided to offer Swarovski crystal and pearl pendant necklaces or pearl and crystal flower girl bracelets starting at $18.  Earrings start at $14 and I have found so many moms who are so excited to actually purchase earrings that have quality metal ear wires. The cute set to the right is all about the little princess.  I had this vision of not only creating flower girl jewelry sets but adding in flower girl hair accessories to match.  With these sets you still get to choose the crystal and pearl colors especially for her.  Typically I find that neutral color pearls such as White or Light Cream rose are chosen and then either a color that compliments a trim on their dress, a wedding theme color or their birthstone is chosen in the crystal color. p1010604

Flower girl hair accessories to macho flower girl jewelry sets have become increasingly popular.  To the right is a new tiara hair comb I have created that allows flower girls to wear a small version of a bride’s tiara.  Again, everyone gets to choose their pearl and crystal colors to match her flower girl jewelry.  This tiara is perfect for adding a touch of princess to her hairstyle but not overdoing it with a pageant crown. After all let’s not forget who the day is really about, yes you the bride!  In all seriousness, our littlest attendants bring such a special gift to our wedding day and adding in these floe girl jewelry sets and flower girl hair accessories can bring such pleasure to everyone.  Seeing your flower girl takes you back to a time when you were a little girl and one day you will be present at her wedding.  I just love that!

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