Flower Girl Jewelry – Swarovski crystal and pearl attendant jewelry ideas to match your wedding color theme

by Judith Cartier Oliver on November 15, 2009

Flower Girl Jewelry created in Swarovski crystals and pearls can be one of the sweetest little keepsake gifts you can give your littlest one! Just think back when you received some of your most treasured jewelry pieces as a young girl. I know I received a beautiful pearl necklace when I was six that holds such a fond remembrance.


Flower girls look to the bride and see what their future holds. Even the littlest of attendants know this is a very special day and what a better way for her to remember than having a special flower girl jewelry set created  to match your wedding color theme.

Choosing Flower Girl Jewelry  can be easy and affordable.  You want to choose jewelry that has quality, is beautiful and that she will cherish.  Depending on her flower girl dress style and neckline you can choose several options.


You can choose your Flower Girl Jewelry set as seen above to be in all Swarovski crystals and add in your wedding color as an accent. Click here to view Swarovski Crystal color chart options.


You can choose to have your Keepsake gift created in Swarovski crystals and pearls and add in your wedding color, her  sash or trim color or even her birth stone color with the neutral ivory or white pearls. The Flower Girl Jewelry Set as shown above features a 3 piece jewelry set with a matching bobby pin for her hair. Click here to view Swarovski crystal pearl chart options.


Flower Girl Necklaces are available in pendant style or round style.  If the neckline has a high cut, you might consider a pendant drop style necklace that she can wear over top of the fabric.  If the neckline is round style and drops down a little below her collar bones, you might choose a round style necklace in Swarovski crystals and pearl colors of your choice.


Flower Girl Bracelets are also sweet little additions to her wedding day jewelry.  Having the bracelet adjustable allows her to wear it and also grow into the bracelet size so she can keep wearing it.


Flower Girl Earrings can be chosen in age appropriate short lengths and can also be available in clips. She will feel like a grown up with her special earrings.

Looney Maiden Flower Girl Jewelry is created with the same quality sterling silver and Swarovski crystals and pearls as the bridal and bridesmaid jewelry.  This way your flower girl receives high quality jewelry that she will love wearing for years to come.

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